Thursday, December 20, 2007

One day to go....

I am so far behind reading everything you wonderful people are writing, that it will take my entire holiday to catch up. I am sorry I have not been about. One day to go and I am free for 2 whole weeks! Well, half a day really, as the kids go home at lunch time, and we stay on for the Christmas party. I think. It will be a brief stay for me, because I just want to get home, and start the real Christmas stuff. Like baking some more things, and filling the house with music and people and family and wrapping paper. You know what I mean. I want the house to SMELL like Christmas too.

We have been shrouded in freezing fog all day and the -5 of the morning rose to just 0 degrees today. Cold. Damp, revolting cold. The kind that chills the bones.

Two dear friends of mine in real life have birthdays today. Cheryl and Louise. Happy Birthday, girls! I was talking to Cheryl on the phone this afternoon....she lives in Scotland, and David and I spent last Christmas with her and her family.... and she announced that she needed to put on her glasses so she could hear more clearly. Hmmm. She is, of course, older than me. 6 months. But still. Older. I will, no doubt be needing my glasses to hear as well in 6 months time. We have known each other since we were 6 years old. Back when dinasaurs roamed the earth.

And then I popped in to see Louise, and eat some of her cake. It is my duty to help eat cake. I am a good friend. We have both been so busy, and we have not seen each other to catch up as much as we want to, so it was lovely to sit in her kitchen and chat. Hopefully we will have more time to do just that over the holidays.

My son and daughter-in-law arrive tomorrow, I think. Maybe Saturday, depending on the traffic out of London. "They" say that 14 million people will be on the move tomorrow. It is supposed to be the busiest day on the roads. And then the holidays will really have begun. I will be back.


Donnetta said...

How nice that you were able to talk with both of your friends celebrating birthday's today!

Dawn said...

I can't wait till you are on holiday so we can hear your lovely "voice" again. I've really missed you. Just think what a difference a year makes - people we never heard of a year ago, and now we're friends - through this wonder of cyberspace.

I have noticed, as my vision decreases, that I can't hear what someone is saying if I don't have my glasses on - but not on the phone! Funny.

Angie said...

Linds, I hope today goes fast for you and that you have a wonderful Christmas!


Pam said...

Enjoy your baking and have a lovely family time!

Susan said...

Enjoy your family and the holidays Linds.