Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Midweek mumbles

It is Wednesday and there are now only 7 working days till we start the Christmas School Holidays. This week I have:
  1. Taught 14 Maths lessons.
  2. 1 Music lesson..... do not ask. 30 13 year olds murdered Silent Night at the same time. I am still recovering.
  3. Nearly required the Heimlich Manoevre after choking on a peppermint at a staff meeting. At least they all know who I am now.
  4. Tripped over a chair leg, which a 16 year old was rocking back and forth, and spectacularly crashed to the floor. One kind and concerned boy said.... Miss, you squashed my lunch. I informed him that I was a grown woman and not a feather, and thanked him for asking how I was. I am black and blue. The kids thought I was a great source of amusement.
  5. Finished eating the cake. I can now squash lunches with more vigour.
  6. Been to our house group Christmas Party. See no 5.
  7. Mastered the new work laptop which I have been given, which means I can work through lunch and break and leave earlier.
  8. Posted parcels to NZ and Scotland.

We have been having the most beautiful sunsets, but I am usually driving as the sun goes down, so have not taken any photos. Our whole village was glowing red last night as I came home, and it was spectacular.

Time to go and flop a while. But I am just loving all your news and antics out there! So many things I want to try as well. I have started making a shopping list for my bake and make session. At least that is a start!


Barbara said...

I posted some beautiful sunsets today.
I see you got your tree up - very pretty.
I have tried to copy and paste your soup recipe but the whole page highlights. Would yu mind E-mailing it to me Linds.

Morning Glory said...

I do love your sense of humor, Linds. Especially #5!! You always make me smile.

Morning Glory said...

Oh, and I really hope your bruises go away soon. I'm so sorry you fell.

meggie said...

Linds, I am sorry, I laughed abour your fall- but it was with glee about the squashed lunch, & your comments to those thoughtless kids.
On the other hand, I am sorry to read of your bruises.
It is lovely & cool here today- almost makes me feel like Xmas!

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh my Linds!!!! Hope things are better for you.

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, sorry about the bruises too. I'm very impressed about the maths, though on the other hand - are you a maths graduate? In Scotland, you'd need to be, to teach maths (not that I'm suggesting that you're not capable of doing so. Though personally, though I'm the proud possessor of Higher Maths (1967) I wouldn't like to do public maths any time in the near future).

Nice tree. Ours is a real one and doesn't arrive till Saturday. This is one reason why it's not up yet. And there's not much point in decking the halls when only some of the wallpaper has been stuck up yet. I think our insurers have located the world's slowest redecorators. I assume they're paid by the day. Or possibly month.

Keep smiling. Only 7 days to go!

PEA said...

Poor boy with his squashed lunch!! hehe Just teasing you:-) Talk about making yourself the center of attention...don't you just hate that when it happens? lol Oh dear, not fun about the bruises though:-( You take care and watch out for those rocking chair legs!!! xox

Susie said...

Goodness you've been having more than your share of accidents Linds.
Your tree and decorations look really festive.
Hope you aren't too achy and/or bruised from your mishaps.

Crystal said...

Just another day at school, right?!! I was wondering how your new job is going so now I know. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy your Christmas break :))