Tuesday, February 05, 2008

House groups

The power of house groups (aka Bible studies). They are amazing. I crawled home from work today absolutely drained, and after making pancakes for my son, went to house group. We have been meeting for a good few years now, every two weeks, and I cannot describe how wonderful it is to have a group of friends who are so supportive and encouraging. We share our triumphs and our disasters, and we talk, listen, and stay silent at times. We learn as we study different books and we gain so much more than we give. As one of my friends said tonight, we leave energised. He is right.

I needed some encouragement tonight, after a foul day at work. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good to such an extent that I forget optimism and positive thought. This is not good. When you get to the stage where you just want to howl it is definitely not good. And this is why it is so good to have house groups. If I had stayed home, I would have been a shrivelled up mess, curled in a ball on the couch. But I am not. Not at the moment, anyway. And tomorrow is another day. Hope springs eternal.

I had a good look around the garden this past weekend. It was too cold to stay out long, but there are definite signs of spring! The daffodils are shooting up and other dead looking twiggy things (I am a fount of botanical wisdom you can see) are starting to show signs of life. And the squirrels are trying to dig up anything and everything. Wretched rodents. Note to self: cut down the tall bushy things before they get leaves. I say this every year. And then I forget. But it does make sense, if I want a minimum of mess. I wielded the loppers for about 5 minutes and decided it was too cold. Too muddy. Too much effort and so I came in for a coffee and couch flop.

I think I need some sun, really. And warmth! Roll on spring.


meggie said...

Sending you lots of our warmth. I have tried to filter out the humid bits.
Hugs & cyber chicken soup.

Heres to good friends.

Morning Glory said...

Your optimism continually inspires me. I know you don't always feel that positive, but your honesty of expression always hits a good place for me.

Penless Thoughts said...

Home groups are wonderful not only for support but for accountability.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

House groups can be so wonderful when they are functioning as God intends them to...so glad that you found yourself energized. The support of real life friends is not to be scorned.

I pray for you every time I come here and I pray for your students to be open to learn...the darlings. LOL!

Barbara said...

Great to have supportive house groups where one can share and be known and be encouraged.

I agree garden begins to beckon with the thought of spring jobs but it is still too cold and boggy.

I have put up another chapter straight away in view of so many asking. This one is quite amazing. Hope yu have the time to come ov er. Lov e and Blessings

Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad that you have found such comfort in your house group. There are few words to describe the help from friends and their encouragement through tough times.

Since I am going to be gone for the next few days, I would gladly share our 75* weather with you -- if that was possible. I HATE to waste it! I, too, would wither away without the sun.

Having lived in Surrey for a spell I know that spring will soon come for you. Then it will be lilacs and laburnum trees blooming followed by fresh raspberries. Oh yum. My mouth is watering already.

Crystal said...

I'm back for a quick visit (Bob has so generously allowed me to use the desktop while he goes for a walk)!

I feel the same way about our Bible Study group. I'm going to really miss our gatherings when we are away. So glad your storm didn't materialize but that you managed to get a day off from school - total bonus!! I will not be anywhere near growing things in our yard until at least mid-April - a very long time yet. Thank goodness we have a month long vacation planned soon (more to come about that soon). In case I don't get back, enjoy your break - every single minute of it!!!!

Bev said...

Just yesterday I stood outside, looking down at one of the flowerbeds and wondering what the stringy green things were - who cares - they're green and they're coming up! Hurry Spring, we're tired of waiting.