Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My feet are falling off......

Hello all.... I am here up in the Alps, and it doesn't get any better than this, I can tell you. Beautiful. Stunning. So quiet. Food for the soul.

Monday was a hectic day. Up at 3.15, to leave the house at 4, fly out at 7am, and oh, the excitement, because the babes had never flown before, and then we went in a double-decker train, and then another little red train, which goes onto cogs for the steep climb up the mountain!!!!!! It was all new, and so much fun, and even though they were very tired, the journey was good. And the adults were all very excited too, might I add. Very.

Looking out of the plane window, this is what we saw as we came in to land in Zurich. Just look at the Alps at the top, then the band of cloud, then the land at the bottom. I was really pleased it came out, because there was ice on the window, and many many scratches.

This is the centre of the village. I took Simon to organise his skis and a lesson with an expert, to show him the mountain. Sky so blue, and mountains just so wonderful. There will be many superlatives in this post. No excuses. I just love this place, as those of you who have been around a while will remember!
Yesterday I woke at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went down to the lounge and read for a while in the hotel, had coffee, and then decided to go for a walk at 6am. It was pitch dark, but I reckoned that if I walked to the forest, it would be light enough to go through by the time I got there, and indeed it was. Not a soul about, of course, because Swiss people do not go for walks through forests at 6.30am. Sensible people. But I love this walk, and I know it well, and as it got lighter, it was just perfect, and the sun started catching the edges of the mountain with beams of sparkling light, and I am so glad I didn't miss this.
This is the view from my sister's front door. Not bad, is it??
And so the 10 of us went up the mountain. We have learnt to go on the first perfect day. In the mountains, you never know what the weather will do. It does not get more perfect than this, and there was not a breath of wind either. Marge had to go up to the top to check out some things in the shops she manages, so she came with us.

David on top of the world. That is the very top of the mountain behind him, and he did go right to the top.
Jean and me. Big smiles. Happy people.
David and the babes in the snow. This is really the first proper snow they had ever been in.
You can go inside the glacier, and so David and I went to walk around. Lots of magical lighting.

Coming down one of the cable car stages, Pete, Marge and David looking out over the valley from the docking station for the cable cars. The first 2 stages up the mountain are in gondolas of 6 people, then a rectangular cable car which takes many people, and then the final stage is the world's first rotating cable car, the Rotair.
One of the valleys.
Jean, Jackie and the babes in the snow.

And this is the rising moon last night. I told you it was magical, didn't I??
We all gather here at Marge's home in the early evening, and have supper together, and we do some things alone and some together during the day. Everyone has different ideas, and it works well. Today, I walked alone along the valley, and then to the place where the babes and Jackie and Somin and Jean were tobogganing. Mum bought 3 toboggans, for general use. Then I took Jean up to the forest to show her where I walk, while Peter and Glynis went to Luzern for the day.
And tomorrow?? Who knows what I will do. But it will be lovely. Beautiful. Perfect. Stunning.
And now I am going to recline on the couch with my book and rest the aching feet. I wonder if they do foot transplants......


Vee said...

Glorious! It makes me so happy to see you enjoying yourselves so much. I love all the beautiful photographs...they're exquisite when clicked upon...and the one of you inside the glacier with the magical lighting...what a smile on your face.

What other kind of world could I live in where I get to tag along on a vacation to the Alps? (Happy sigh)

Kelli said...

Beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking.

someone else said...

Oh Linds, this felt like reading a fairy tale. How beautiful it all is, and you're right -- magical!

Diana Langdon said...

I want a photo of granny tobogganing please. Danke.

Susan said...

There are not enough words for these beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I long to go see Switzerland after meeting you here in blogland. Doubt it will ever happen but it's nice to dream :o)

Linda said...

Absolutely breathtaking Linds. How can anyone look at those amazing scenes and not believe in a Creator. Thanks so much for sharing your magical adventure.

Girl Raised in the South said...

wow - amazing place to be, and beautiful photos you shared with us. Thanks.

Dawn said...

Absolutely wonderful photos! I am so glad you are there. But I have to admit, I would be sitting in front of a fireplace looking at the beauty, not walking up into it in the snow. I am so impressed!

Rita Loca said...

awesome fotos!

At A Hen's Pace said...


Vicariously enjoying the trip along with you!


Lori said...

It looks like you are having great fun.



Susie said...

It must be so restful to be so surrounded with God's beauty. I can just feel your happiness shining through in this post.
Enjoy every moment of your trip..

Barb said...

Wow, Linds. Breathtaking. "On top of the world" is the perfect way to describe how you must all feel.

So glad you're getting some time to take those walks. I know that has to be good for your soul.

Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing photos with us.

Carole Burant said...

Oh Linds, I finally come over to visit you and you're in the Alps! hehe Omigosh, what AWESOME pictures! It's no wonder you love going over there so much, I could sure get used to waking up to that kind of scenery every morning. WOW! Sounds like everyone is having a marvelous time:-) So happy for you!! xox

Barbara said...

Beautiful pics Linds and what memories they bring back. That one on coming in to land is superb.