Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaping into Spring.

So today is the Feb 29th. Tomorrow is March. Spring!!! I am not actually sure which day is officially the first day of spring, but I am declaring it mine. So I will put up the Easter tree, and pick some daffodils for the house. You will definitely see the photos.

In Switzerland, I saw bunches of forsythia for sale in the shops, and my friend, Jean told me that her mother always picks some branches, when they look like dead sticks, (and we all know I have a garden full of dead-looking sticks) and they blossom when kept in water. Once the blossom goes, she waits for the leaves to appear too. I can do that. I have forsythia in my garden. Well, if I were really honest here, my neighbour has a bush, but I can reach it. And he is nice. He doesn't mind me lopping bits off. So I will tie a bunch together, like I saw in my favourite place on earth, with yellow raffia, and plonk it in a yellow vase and wait and see what happens. I am all for easy decoration here.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Right now, it is more the anticipation than the reality, because it is wet, cold and distinctly revolting. So any decorative assistance indoors is welcome. My home will be spring-like, no matter what is happening outside. If my name was Marge (my sister), I would be changing all the cushion covers, etc etc etc. My name is not Marge.

Leap year makes me wonder where I will be in 4 years time when it comes round again, and what I will be doing. Or where any of us will be, come to that. David should be finished his degree. He will be 23. Diana will be 31. Andrew 34. Ann 33. Me?? 57. It will be 2012, and Britain will be hosting the Olympics. What will I have seen in 4 years? What will I have experienced? Who will I have met? Maybe some of you.....who knows. What will our world look like?

Leaping into Spring...the future. "Leap" implies energy. So does "Spring" come to that. Leaping, or indeed springing anywhere is a little beyond me at the moment. It is, after all, Friday night, and it has been a long week. Crawling toward the couch is more likely.

Speculation re the future must wait. My son has just yelled down the stairs that it is time for Mum's taxi service to rumble into action. Mum's taxi service is one thing that will definitely NOT be in operation in 4 years time. I hope.


Penless Thoughts said...

As I read your post I suddenly realized that I do not project at all into the future. Have to wonder why? I guess I find today enough to consume me.

Barb said...

I think the first day of spring is officially March 21st-ish, Linds, but it's already looking like spring around here. All the snow in our yard is finally gone and I was actually able to let Cameron play outdoors yesterday.

You and your garden of dead sticks made me laugh out loud. :-)