Monday, May 05, 2008

Bank holiday Monday

I am a delicate flower. Stop laughing. I am full of good intentions.

After church yesterday morning, I sauntered out into the garden, and started cleaning one chair. ONE chair. One hour later, and I stopped. I contemplated calling a chiropractor. I was scrubbing away with vigour, and I started doing some calculations in my head.....if I were to hire someone to clean this chair, I would have to pay them the going rate. Times how long it would take to get the chairs clean. Minus total from cost of new chair. Times 4. And at that point, my arm (and my brain) decided enough was enough, and I wiped the sweat from the end of my nose, and retreated to the couch with a cooldrink.

I was chatting to my mother, and she said...but what happened to the cushions for the chairs? And I reminded her that the chairs were almost antique and I had no intention of sitting on antique cushions. And besides, the rodent population ate most of them 10 years ago. And then I abandoned all and went out for coffee with a friend.

However, in the cold light of a new day, I have decided that I could just see if I can get new cushions. To hide the marks. But then, they may cost as much as the new chairs...... Ignore me. I did pick up the sponge thing this morning and every muscle in my body yelled NO! See? I am a delicate flower. Hahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, I think the painting can wait. I may actually go and get the paint and then I can look at it in a productive fashion, but as I would be using the same arm to wield the paintbrush, I rather suspect I would be doing my crone impression if I painted anything more than my nails today.

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How'd you know that I would laugh? :D

What are your chairs made of? Is it possible to paint them? I'd ask the local hardware for a product suggestion before totally giving up. What about a car wash party? Haul them all to the car wash and have a good go???

Whatever you do, don't overdo!