Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekends need to be longer

Weekends are too short. Have you noticed how fast they whizz by?? And then the week takes forever to pass. But we have just one week until the halfterm holidays, and I do believe I can survive 5 working days. Tomorrow it will be 4. See? I can count.

Today has been marked by many yawns. I woke yawning and have continued to punctuate my words with yawns all day. I need more sleep. I remember how my Grandpa used to have what he called "40 winks" in his chair in the afternoon. He seemed extremely old to me as a child. Now? Maybe he was not that old after all.

Or maybe I am just doing what I call "real living" at the weekends, and trying to cram everything into 2 days and I end up cmpletely wearing myself out. Not brilliant. But fun anyway!

Thanks for all your comments re my missing emails. I can report that things are slowly returning to normal around here. They are dribbling in slowly. I do like it when things work.

Like hot water. Remember my friend with the bad building experiences of a couple of days ago? When I asked how things were progressing , there was a long silence, and then a sigh. And I committed the cardinal sin of shrieking with laughter when I was informed that the toilet was now in place and functioning. The only problem was that it was flushing hot water. The plumber has crossed the pipes. Somewhere under the newly tiled walls and floor. Tiles which had to be collected from up north. A long way away. Expensive tiles I helped to choose.

My amusement was not appreciated. This puts a new spin on the words "flushing money down the drain" given the cost of energy at the moment. (Yes, I am back to that again!) I must admit that my own sense of humour would be awol if I were the one having to deal with this blunder.

Anyway. I need to get some sleep. Oh, and my hot water is not what it should be, by the way. It is luke warm. I am indeed going to have to get the plumber in after all. But absolutely NOT the one working at my friend's house.


Dawn said...

I hope your week flies by. I know mine will, because I have so incredibly much to do before May 28. to get the students graduated officially. I am going to post about the graduation festivities as soon as I have a minute or an hour!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to tell me that you can get the thingy me bobby stuff (comments) come up in your email inbox? Well there goes this weekend! I'll have to go and figure out how that works. Have you got any plans for your half year break? How long do you get? By the way - Very clever pun on flushing money.

Vee said...

Your writing always leaves me with a grin...OR...a tear. Get some rest, Linds! These next four days need all the energy that you can muster.

Jan said...

Oh I do love that feeling of being so worn out from having such a good time! : ) I just wish we didn't have to cram all the good times into two short little days a week! I'm sure the week will fly by....and then you'll get a much deserved break! Hang in there!


Crystal said...

Here's hoping that the week goes by quickly - and you don't use all your energy trying to stay awake! You know what happens to teachers when they have a big break - they get sick because they've sapped the reserves trying to get through the previous days. Take care :))

Barb said...

Your friend's toilet problem would just burn me up, Linds.

Good grief! What a pain in the....

Nevermind. :-)

I agree. Weekends should be longer.

meggie said...

Weekends definitely need to be extended. As to plumbing... why didn't someone in our family decide to be a plumber??
I think I need to be reincarnated...then I could be the plumber!

Pam said...

Ah, plumbing! Too many bad memories... Indeed, I wish I'd encouraged my children in the direction of a plumbing career.