Monday, May 12, 2008

It feels like summer!

Wow. What a hot weekend that was. Weather, I mean. And today was more of the same, and tomorrow? Yes. More warm weather. I do hope this is not our summer. It has been known to happen!

Yesterday was stunning. In fact, it was 31C at lunch time. I know this, because we were at our monthly shared lunch and everyone walked in with the same temperature reading in their cars, as they arrived. The babes spent most of the time in the large paddling pool, and they would have been joined by all the adults if there had been enough room. Me included. Hot!

So I spent most of the rest of the day in a heap snoozing. As one does.

Today was back to work. The good news is that we break up for a week next Friday. I had forgotten how soon it was! I came home to the sound of the power washer. David gets back from school early on Mondays, and there he was on the patio, doing the cleaning. Well, he did write his initials on the slabs with the washer. I informed him that while I was very grateful he was doing the work, he could get rid of them tomorrow. Actually, he was hot, so I think it was more like a 19 year old's version of playing with water. I never did find out how all the windows managed to get wet.

Right. I am off to get coffee and find my book. I am still waking at 5 and as I only ever get to bed after midnight, this could have something to do with my constant need to snooze. I don't seem to be able to have a conversation without yawning!

I will be back.


Crystal said...

OH, I'm glad you had a lovely sunny spring afternoon! They are the best kind - but make it hard to go back to work the next day, don't they? Here's hoping your summer will be long and relaxing!

meggie said...

Your lovely warm Spring weekend sounded wonderful.
I dont like humid weather either- it makes me very grumpy!
Spring & Autumn here are the best as a rule. I couldn't believe how humid & warm it was in NZ while I was there.

Vee said...

Oh good heavens! Such hot weather so early...that can't be good and hot, humid weather knocks me off my pins. Hate it! School hours must be especially challenging in the heat. Here's hoping that the heat moderates. Thanks for your visit today!

Dawn said...

We usually jump fromn a rather cool spring into summer without anything in between. We've had a few nice days, then we'll get wintery junk again. Sunday was lovely, today was nice till noon, then it louded up, and now it's raining. It's supposed to snow 10 inches in the mountains. Crazy!!

Anonymous said...

I think I know why you are waking at 5am. It's because it's about 5pm Down Under and it's about then that I parched for a cuppa. I think you are meant to put the kettle on and give a hoi! What book ya reading?

Needled Mom said...

That is warm for this time of the year.

How creative it is to write your initials with the power washer. Typical youthful activity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linds.

We have had some very nice temperatures here as well, and loved our cabin week-end. But yesterday we woke up to a real drop and today it is only 6C outside.

I still have had my two hours work in the garden though :-)