Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spring cleaning the garden

The apple tree is full of blossom!

Please note old white furniture. Built to last. And last. And last. But I have started scrubbing with Astonish, and so help me, it is working. You will get before and after photos. One day. It is HARD work! And I have yet to master the power washer to clean all the paving. But I will. Or else will get out the scrubbing brush. But let me just tell you that the patio was covered with a most unattractive assortment or leaves, twigs, branches etc. And now it is not. All the rubbish is in that brown bin. I have to paint the sheds and the bench, and the fence...... Maybe on Monday. If I get some paint.

And the lilac is in bloom. It has the most amazing scent and the air outside is full of it. Beautiful.


DeeDee said...

I've popped in to visit your blog a couple of your photos of the blossoms and gorgeous Lilacs....I know what you mean about cleaning the outdoor furniture and have found that spraying it with clorox bleach is like magic...I do so enjoy gardening and yours must be amazing this time of years...all best wishes...Dee Dee

Needled Mom said...

Oh Linds, the lilacs are gorgeous. Please take a deep whiff of them for me. I so remember how wonderful they smelled when we lived in Epsom. I'm so glad that spring has arrived for you.

Is it possible to just paint the patio set? It certainly looks nice in the photos.....and durable.

Jo said...

Such beautiful photos Linds. It ashows what a busy girl you have been. Your patio looks so welcoming and comfortable. If you should wake up some morning and find a stranger there enjoying the peacefulness, don't be alarmed it will just be me.

mary said...

I know we should never, ever, disrespect 'quality". We should rejoice in quality, I get that! Quality according to the dictionary is 'a degree or grade of excellence or worth'. You for example are a quality blogger. So, we need to definitely keep the garden setting - just give it a face lift. However, if you are serious about the towels (and I think it's time to let go) feel free to wrap them in some quality paper and send them over to me. I can guarantee you that MY washing machine knows how to deal with them. If it's ruined you want - satisfaction guaranteed.

By the way- what great friends you have.

I'm off to church now and them a friend is coming over to have some fun.

Keep the dreaming going. I am!

Barb said...

Your apple tree and lilacs are beautiful. I can almost smell those lilacs. And your patio furniture looks very inviting. I'd love to sit right there and have a chat.

Beautiful photos, Linds.

Linda said...

I think I can smell those lilacs too Linds. Just gorgeous! They are one of the flowers I miss here in Texas. I had a friend whose property was lined with white and purple lilac trees when we lived in NY. The fragrance was just wonderful.
I love your previous post. It really is difficult to get rid of things that aren't worn out. Perhaps you will come across someone in desperate need of some furniture? Then you will be free to buy something new which will undoubtedly fall apart in just a few short years.
Have a blessed weekend!

Susie said...

You've been working hard! I loved seeing your lilac as mine has finished blooming. They're my very favorite scent!

Aliadelaide said...

Your lilac is absolutely beautiful! I remember the lilac in our family home as a child in New Zealand; but prob. our hot/dry summers here in South Australia would kill it!

Dawn said...

I am three posts behind! How did that happen?? Love the post about "quality". I recently bought new towels, after relegating the 1972 wedding towels to the rag bag. They were green, gold, etc.

You have been so busy - sounds like a good productive time, to make you feel much better. I am looking forward to getting caught up on so many projects in two months! (See today's post for the plans).

Please have a better week! I know you're looking forward to meeting SIL Morning Glory!

Crystal said...

Your garden is so beautiful and the patio is just waiting to be enjoyed. I can picture you and I sitting there and chatting the hours away :)) It sounds like you've gotten lots accomplished this weekend - yeah!!! I rototilled my garden tonight but we don't have any leaves out so it doesn't look at all pretty here. Someday, perhaps?!?!