Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hello all.....

I am here, people. I apologise for my absence in Blogland, and for the lack of comments and whatsits. Even my family have started calling to see why I am not posting. Update your blog, they say. And this is from the son who is upstairs as I speak and on his computer there. He checks to see what I am doing. He could, on the other hand, just run down the stairs.

Why haven't I posted? I can't think of anything to say. Nothing exciting going on here at all, except for my daughter's imminent arrival, but I will be excited when she actually walks through the doors at Heathrow, because she is flying. Flying in itself is not a problem, except for Diana. She gets altitude sickness. And heaven help her if she arrives in San Francisco for her very first visit, and looks ill. She will be whisked away and deposited in quarantine in case she has swine flu. And while we are on that subject, I would really rather she didn't get swine flu either.
And then she is in SF all by herself, and as she says, she is 28 and quite grown up enough, having trotted round the globe once or twice, but hey, I am a mother, so I can wail if I like.

So I will be all happy and bouncy when she gets here. She has every intention of cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge, I gather. I don't ask questions. I can find out after it is all over. I just want her home. Here. All intact and without pig flu. Am I the only one who loathes the word "swine"???

The only action around here has been in the garden. I supervised the moving of a shed from one side of the garden to another on Saturday. I use the word "supervised" loosely. The bottom fell out, which complicated things somewhat, but having muscleman David home was a real help. And I lost the ability to move at all on Saturday evening.

And now I have more room for the growbags of vegetables. They are growing. However, I decided that I didn't like the look of all that plastic, so I used all the slats from an old set of double bunks and made a cage for them. A box. My saw was useful, and so was my Dremel drill. And after sitting in my kitchen screwing heaven knows how many screws into the wretched thing to make something like a raised bed, the palm of my right hand was one massive blister. I just kept adding more layers of bandage and dressing till it looked as if I had had major surgery. But it looks good. And then I lost the ability to move once again. We went to a bbq on Sunday evening, and I actually contemplated sitting in the car and having the food brought to me. It was just the smell of the meat on the fire which got me moving.

Then it was Monday. Bank Holiday. And the builders arrived over the fence at 8. I was less than impressed, but got up and decided that I needed to plant things. So I did. And lost the ability to move yet again. As my friends have told me, I have absolutely zero ability to pace my self. Relax. I am a failure, and I am at the stage where I actually see how much damage this obsession with movement can do.

In a sense, I have been subconsciously hoping that if I try to do things, it will all go back to normal. Go away. Push through the pain. Be normal. Move. And the reality is that I can't. I am not normal. I have a problem moving, and it ***(*%^&(%^&*(&)*&*** hurts. Half of me wants to toss out the mountain of medication and try to get my life back. However, that would be both irresponsible and stupid. Having the disabled parking badge thingy has not been a stellar moment in my life. And don't tell me how great it will be when I go shopping. I don't go shopping.


I am here. I am weary. I have nothing brilliant to talk about. Except that I have discovered aqua-robics. I love it! And I can do the exercises in the water! I can't walk when I get out of the pool mind you, but hey, I can do the exercises, so who cares if I end up crawling.

My daughter is on her way tomorrow, and I would really appreciate your prayers for her safety and for her health as she flies across the globe. Home. To me. For a few weeks. It is nearly 18 months since I last saw her. And so help me, I have aged 10 years since then. Maybe she won't recognise me. I will make a banner, I think.

I will put taking some photos on the list for the morning. I am now heading for the couch. I love you all, and please stick around. I will try to do better.


lakeviewer said...

Is Diana the daughter you are anticipating? We did meet her earlier, right? I'm glad to hear you are getting around, though a bit too much for your own good.

Don't worry about your girl and San Francisco. She'll have a great time and she'll be quite safe. San Francisco is still one of my favorite places to hang out, so much to see, so much good food to enjoy. And the weather is a lot of England, I'm told.

Vee said...

Yes, right, I will pray for traveling mercies. Don't you scare her now...put on your lipstick and your perfume. It won't be hard to be all smiles and smiling will surely do a lot to toss those ten years right over the brink.

I'm sorry that this is your road just now. If only there was something that one could say or do that would make it an iota better. Listen to your good and dear friends and learn to pace yourself. Heavens, you've been doing a lot! And, as always, I pray for you and send you the gentlest of hugs.

Barbara said...

Does not sound to me like you have nothing to say Linds.

Cannot believe that it is 18 months since Diane last visited. Where do the months go.

Sorry you are still having such difficulty getting around. If the disabled badge is not bringing toomuch benefit, what about the disabled toilet key, saves waiting in a queue!!

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I think it's totally OK if you sometimes one just doesn't have something to say. We've all been there!
SF is just finishing up some springtime showers and sunshine is predicated for the rest of the week.
There is not nearly the uproar over the flu here as there was a week ago!
I'll pray for safe travels for Diana.

Crystal said...

Praying that Diana travels safely and you are soon together again! She will know her own Mom - you have a bond that transcends all that physical stuff. You are way too energetic for your own good! Be gentle with yourself, my friend!

Mary said...

Oh there you are! Hello. I have missed you SO much.

Prayers for Diana - C.I.D

Will two of your children be in the home at the same time - or does David go back to study before D arrives?

I am so excited for you.

Love you too!

Dawn said...

Has it really been a year and a half since you went to NZ? Can that be possible??

Yes, please do be careful with yourself. I know it's hard for you.

And as always, for someone with nothing to say, you said it very well. I especially like the part about David being upstairs reading about you instead of coming down the steps. Reminds me of one of the comics in our newspaper. Or of all of that generation!

Diana Langdon said...

You are "thinking" of making a banner? Ah hem... i'll turn around and go back through those doors at heathrow if there isn't one! Must be of reasonable quality to cover up the lack of brass band xxx

Sandra said...

I've missed you Linds :)

I hope your daughter arrives well and you have a wonderful time with her.

Boo on the pig flu.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hey Sweet Linds,

I will be praying for your daughters safe travel and for you. I have had a writers block lately and I got the brilliant idea to write about my pregnancy 38 years ago when there were no cell phones, ultrasounds, baby car seats, etc. I have had fun remembering since my boys will be 38 on May 12th. I am so glad to read that the aqua-robics are working for you. I am praying you through this time of healing and hopefully when things are better, you can take the disabled parking badge out back in your beautiful yard and shoot-target practice with it!!:) I am hoping your visit with your daughter will be just what you need to fill your heart up with joy and hope. Take care sweetie and if you get bored, stop on by for a visit and lots of coffee, I wish. Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Edith said...

Welcome back...you've been missed. Enjoy your visit with both David and Diana when she gets there.


Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad to read a post from you. You are always so good at writing and this was just as lovely as the rest.

I know that you will have a wonderful visit and the time will fly by way too quickly. Diana will have a wonderful time in SF. Is she planning on staying there awhile? I do not know how she will bike over the Golden Gate if she only has a layover.

The H1N1 virus seems to have run its course here. We are not hearing as much - other than criticism for overblowing it here.

Rest up and just enjoy your wonderful visit. We do want you moving when Diana arrives. Have a fabulous time. Prayers for a safe and uneventful journey for Diana.

meggie said...

I think all this flu talk is just that. I am sure it is a media beatup as usual & Diana will be fine.
I do feel for you, wishing everything was the 'way it was'. I know that feeling.

Janine said...

Welcome back! I was getting a bit concerned when there were no posts for a whole week.
Hope that Diana arrives safely and that her flight is not too taxing. Enjoy having her home.