Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday - (another stunning title)...

My daughter is in London for the long weekend, so I have been Looking For New Appliances. You know how the salespeople (who are 12) hover around you and know absolutely nothing when you tell them you have a list of minimum requirements for a machine, which must also be the cheapest in the shop ......... I have met a few of them today. Give me strength.

I also had to look for phones. My landline phones have expired too. And the one with the fax. I have decided that I hate choice. If there was just one, if would be simple. Now my eyes glaze over as I walk down the aisles. And it is rather nice in a very quiet house. So I didn't get one. Not yet. I have written down prices, so we have made some progress. I paced myself!!!!!

And the vacuum cleaners......can you bear any more excitement! No. I haven't got one yet. The whole lot can wait till we get back in a week.

Today was aquarobics day again. Good heavens, we worked hard. The woman is a sadist. I am still aching. There was a lot of laughter along the way. And afterwards, despite an urgent need for a nap or something chocolatey, I felt good. Jean came along for the first time today and she loved it too. So tick the box for great exertion. I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to keep up with the class. In the water, I can do things I would never be able to do on land. And I have made a new friend. Ewa is 79. My goal is now to be able to do this when I am 79 too. She is amazing. And believe me, I am not going to let someone who is 79 outdo me. I grit the teeth and get on with it.

The secret is keeping my eyes on the instructor all the time. I lose focus very easily, and then I forget what I am supposed to be doing, lose rhythm and that does not work, so if I watch her all the time, I can do it. I love it. I feel normal in the water. Well, "normal" is a word which is open to interpretation!

And apart from that, I have been trying to put the garden back in place. My neighbours have now started erecting a fence so I am regaining some privacy and the wind tunnel is now under control. But everything had to be moved, so I will spend the weekend pottering in the garden. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow, and then we have a long weekend, and the sun, my friends, is supposed to be shining. I may even try a BBQ. I may also play with my camera a bit too.


Dawn said...

I feel for you, having to replace so many things. And you're right - the choices are overwhelming.

Your time with Diana is going fast!

Glad you're enjoying aqua aerobics.

Vee said...

Oh dear heavens! The phone, too? I've grown rather used to my phone being down and out, though I've been told to get it fixed asap by every person in the family. Still the quiet is lovely. When did I become such a hermit?

Glad that you paced yourself with the shopping and choices...wouldn't Diana love to be included on this shopping trip? Glad that Ewa is not going to beat the stuffing out of you in the pool either.

Sounds as if you're glad for the fence and the end of that wind tunnel. I'm thinking it sounds as if things are, at long last, looking up.

Linda said...

I begin to wonder if there is some unwritten law that says everything must bite the dust at the same time.
I'm glad to see you're making progress in the search for all things new.
Good for you with your exercises! I pray it will pay huge dividends for you.
Have a lovely weekend Linds.

Barb said...

I really enjoyed coming over here and catching up with you Linds. I think I read about 15 posts! So believe me when I say, I totally understand that sometimes it's just impossible to find the time to read and comment on everyone we want to follow.

I love your anti squirrel contraption. Pure genius. And I cringed as I read about your appliance fatalities. Isn't that just the way it always is? One goes and suddenly they all start going.

Good grief. But I'm glad you have Diana there. What fun for you and her remarks about hoping you never die cracked me up. My girls are facing exactly the same thing. And I'm a minimalist! LOL

Very nice to catch up with you again. I hope all your awful blogger issues fixed themselves. I need to figure it all out too but honestly, I just don't have the time or the energy right now.

Needled Mom said...

I cannot even imagine all of the decisions that you are having to make at one time. I think you need a personal shopper and you can just produce the lists of what you want. ;)

The water aerobics sounds like great exercise for you. 79??? Good for Ewa.

Enjoy your long sunny weekend.

Mary said...

Tell me about it! When I was 19 I climbed up Uluru (back in the days when you were allowed)and nearly killed myself making sure that an eighty two year old (retired policeman) did not get to the top first.

He was inspirational!

Midlife Mom said...

It seems like appliances all die at once doesn't it? I hate choices too, well a gazillion of them, would rather have three to pick from. When I was picking out things for my kitchen I almost went into a coma trying to decide!

Your water arobics sound like something I need to be doing. Because of my foot issues I can't walk much, can't go to Curves, can't go to the gym where I went for so long so I guess I need to get back into the water. You have inspired me! :o)

Hope that sun shines nicely for you this weekend. It was 90* here yesterday, we sure aren't used to that but things are more normal today thankfully!

Barbara said...

Masses to catch up on Linds. I know yu are having a great time with Diane home. She looked real good at the airport so I assume she did nto get sick on the aircraft this time.

Yes, always the way, all the appliances start to die together. They must like the company on their final journey.

I have a lovely giveaway so do come over. Blessings. Barbara

Isabelle said...

My mother had a similar appliance mass-death recently. "I don't understand it," she said. "We've had all these things for 20 years and they've never gone wrong before."

Well. Yes.

Sandra said...

Oh boy, as exciting as it is to get something new for the home, it's frustrating when everything goes at the same time and then you're left scrambling to find the best price and appliance.

Sounds like you're going to be busy. I've missed visiting you, I need to do better and I will now that the kids are done with the school year.