Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What is up with Blogger???

Is anyone else having a problem with mysteriously disappearing people they follow? Some of my friends have vanished from my list, and I can't add them - I keep getting error messages. And I have no idea how many others have vanished. So if I have been a follower and have vanished, please know IT IS NOT ME doing it. Blogger has developed a life of its own and is interfering with my blog, my lists, and my mind. I am not happy.

One friend wondered what she had said or done to make me cut her out completely, and here I was thinking all was normal. I have not cut anyone out. Sigh. And since when did pink error messages start popping up on the dashboard, and also, what the heck is this " be a friend" thingy I have never seen before? Not follower, friend? Huh???

This is what happens when you don't blog for a while. The world goes mad. Snarl. I think I need to change hosts. If I knew how to in the first place. Or start a new blog. Or get my own domain. Aiyaiyai.

Now if my daughter would just send her mother a text to tell her she was alive and well in SF seeing that her plane landed nearly THREE hours ago, I may be able to go to bed.


Needled Mom said...

Sigh.....I feel your pain. I hate it when things like that happen. I don't think I've had the problem yet. Thank goodness.

I hope you get your call soon so you can drift off into your dreams.

Midlife Mom said...

Blogger and I are on iffy terms at present. We managed to come to an agreement with the photo issue so I hope that is it for a while!

Are you saying SF as in San Francisco as in the US?

Yes, I did get two posts up rather close together this week. Doesn't happen very often as usually there isn't that much to write about lately. :o(

lakeviewer said...

Hang in there, Linds. Even if her plane is on time, she has to go through screening, and that takes time. Her cell phone may not work.
She may be totally worn out and still collecting her things. Lots of things can delay people.

Check the airline website for times of arrival, just so you know the plane got in safely.

Blogger cleans up their programs now and then; and we get all kinds of glitches.

Vee said...

Blogger drives me batty as well from time to time. Hope that you hear from Diana soon. Then you might jot a note saying so that we all may go to bed. ;D

Chris said...

Patience, my friend, patience.

Sorry, forgot for a moment I was talking to She Who Will Do Or Die. :O)

Patience ANYWAY...

Dawn said...

I did notice less numbers on my followers yesterday - I couldn't figure out who was missing, but I finally discovered your picture was gone. But then I saw you with one of those no picture dealies - strange. I'm still down one and I can't figure out who it is. Frustrating!

I hope you hear from Diana soon!

Susie said...

Hope by now you've heard from Diana!
I'm sure all is well but a text would be nice.
BTW, you've disappeared from my followers. I saw the number drop but couldn't figure out who until I saw this post.
Blogger can be such a beast!

The Bookworm said...

I've never even tried to use the followers thing, but Blogger does go through strange phases ... like the time it started talking to me in German. Huh?

Linda said...

I just give up on trying to figure out the mysterious ways of blogger. I haven't had that particular problem (yet), but there are days when NONE of my bloglines show up. Sometimes I can't get my own to show up. It really is frustrating!
Praying you've heard from Diana by now and all is well.

Sandra said...

Blogger has been such a big pain in the wazoo the past few days, I'm so irritated with it.

I also noticed the followers thing, one day I had a bunch then next day it was down by 10 LOL Oh well...

Dana said...

Maybe that's why I suddenly lost a few followers. Or not. Who knows.

Blogger is weird and I don't pay too much attention to what it does.