Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am here.... sort of...

I have no idea where the week went. Well, I know what and how much has been done, but time seems to be flying by way too fast. WAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast. Diana has been cleaning my house, and sorting things and informing me that under no circumstances am I ever to die. Not for some deep emotional need to have her mother around forever, mind you - no, because she starts hyperventilating at the thought of having to sort out my house. Nice child. I am interesting. I have hobbies. I have stuff. Forget all previous posts about decluttering my life, people. And then she caught sight of my "From clutter to clarity" book and had hysterics. She also told me to move it back to the top of my "to read" list immediately.

Sigh. I love my kids. However, I am retaining the right to live my life my way, complete with any stuff there may be about the place. They can regard it as their legacy. It will keep them busy. Hahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
My older son turned 32 yesterday, so daughter and I took off to visit the birthday boy, and present him with the humongous chocolate cake Diana baked for him. I think they will be eating cake for weeks. Delicious, it was too. And Missy herself was on top form, smiling and watching everything with big blue eyes. Have I mentioned how brilliant A and A are with her??? They are wonderful parents, and she is a beautiful little girl. She gave here Daddy a card "to the best Daddy in the world" and as her Mum says, the child is totally brilliant and managed to sign her name in cursive writing. Her PhD will be following shortly. She looked so cute, propped up on the couch with her card in front of her, and the little grin in place.

I can't believe how quickly they change and grow. Now she watches everything - across the room, and finally, she likes the swing I bought her. Hopefully it will keep her happy so her parents can actually eat a meal in peace now and then!

My vacuum cleaner expired this morning. It burst into flames, as Diana was vacuuming the lounge. Groan. Diana survived the excitement, but my Dyson did not. It is now on the way to the tip. It is one of the very first yellow and grey ones, so is/was very aged. But still..... And then I put the washing machine on and the blankets came out sodden. This is not good. I have refrained from trying another load as I am now in ostrich mode, and I can't cope with the idea that 2 appliances may have expired on the same day. A Sunday. Maybe it is because it is a day of rest and they were not resting. Lalalalalala. The fun just gets better and better!

And so far my squirrel defences are holding well. If the rain would just stop a bit, I could do more transplanting. So far the beans are in, and I have lettuce, peas, beetroot, spinach beet, purple brocoli, chard, spring onions, onions - both red and white, potatoes and carrots in their proper growing places. I still have squash, butternut and gem, cucumber, courgettes, yellow beans, sugar snap peas, corn, and the tomatoes to move. And there is more, only I can't remember what exactly. Then the mint, sage, chives, parsley etc is also ok. I have not done my hanging baskets yet, but they will have tumbling tomatoes in them too. And herbs.

There are plenty of flowers in my small garden, especially roses. And I have cosmos seeds in and flox too. And marigolds. And fuschias. And other stuff. In fact, my garden is just like my house. Full of stuff. Just the way I like it.

What with hydro-therapy, exercises, tagging along with my daughter (having fun!) and just life in general, I have not had time to see the computer, never mind actually write anything, and forget about reading, so bear with me, people. I will be back when I can find the time.


Vee said... have better things to do right now!

(Must confess that my mother better have no plans of leaving the planet either. What a daunting gargantuan task that would be. And I think she's got the same flip attitude aobut it all that you have.=>)

Have fun, ladies!

Vee said...

aobut? That's a flip way to spell it, too.

Leann said...

I agree it seems that you have a very balanced life. Full of life's many treasured memories.

Enjoy your week!

Dawn said...

You had me chuckling with the first couple of paragraphs - I definitely intend to live my mess behind for my kids to clean up - I have definitely cleaned up plenty of theirs!! Literal and figurative.

Have as much fun as possible - enjoy every single moment. I would love to see your full garden!

Edith said...

You had me in giggles...especially the clutter and stuff! When I was packing to move this time I decided that 15 books on organization was a bit much! So I took pictures and put some of them into the donate pile. The remainder are - hopefully - all in the same location now.

Looking forward to hearing more about what's up with you.

Mary said...

There is definitely a sparkle in your writing. I suggest you hold D captive - forever ;)

Hi D !

Laurie in Ca. said...

I think you just solved the mystery of why I am having such a hard time getting motivated and cleaning up all of my clutter here. Let the kids do it when we are gone:) How fun for them, right? I am glad you are having a good time with Diana there and pray the time slows down for you to enjoy every moment. Love you Linds. And so sorry to hear about Mr. Dyson dying:) Fire is such a harsh way to go!

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Morning Glory said...

My best gift to our kids after I'm gone will be the endless number of travel photo albums filled with pictures they won't care a bit about. (giggling with glee)

Crystal said...

DH is in a major "recycle / there's a possibility to recreate something with everything" phase so he has a whole barn full of "treasures" the kids are going to have to deal with someday, I fear! I, on the other hand, have books and pictures that will someone's project someday.

Glad to hear you are having great times with Diana and the rest of the family. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

The Bookworm said...

I have forbidden my mother to die. Ever. And that is despite having halved the clutter when I helped her move house a couple of years ago.