Monday, January 19, 2015

A mixed bag of random thoughts.....

A new week started a few hours ago. I say this because I have been sitting here at the desk with a mega list of stuff to sort, and it is now after lunch, and I am still near the top of that list. Stuff like broadband suppliers and, Eureka!!! we will be getting fiberoptic options within months. More fiberoptic options, that is. We already have some which include many TV channels and I do not want to pay for more. Well, I want more but do not want to pay more, if you see where I am coming from. 
We are all about Not Wasting Money. 

I nearly lost the will to live. 


Dawn a few days ago, was stunning. The sky was orange, but, by the time I had thrown some clothes on and made my icy way to the top of the road, the sun was well risen. Still beautiful, but not quite as breath-taking. 

So what have we been up to here in the middle of England? Well, Diana has no longer got her cast on, and neither does she have Rudolpho, her beloved knee scooter. Instead she has a boot of epic proportions, and a permanent spot at the physiotherapist. And crutches. She really does miss Rudolpho, especially as she is now severely limited by those crutches in terms of how far she can go, or get around. 

Being tied to home is not ideal at all. Understandably so. 

The Library Girls have resumed meeting on Fridays - my class at the library for iPads and other tablets. I say Other Tablets, because new ladies bring their new ones along, which I have never set eyes on in my entire life, and I have about 8 seconds to familiarise myself with them and try to teach them something. Anything. The regular ladies are being co-opted into tutor mode as well. 

Mum goes to her next eye clinic on Friday - gosh, but the month has gone fast. And I will take my crocheting and sit in the chair and chat to all the other people there, for what is hopefully less than 5 hours. The clinic  is very big, but everyone is really lovely. Maybe I will take some coffee in a flask. Maybe I would be unpopular. 

I am going to go back to the aquazumba class this week as well. My eye has not been brilliant, so I need to check it out first. Tomorrow. 

This is truly a post of random bits and pieces. 

I popped in to our local sewing machine shop while Diana was at physio last week, and managed to get out of there without buying a new machine. It is always such a temptation, because the new sewing machines are like new computers - capable of unimaginable stuff nowadays. Unimaginable prices as well, but I can see how wonderful they would be. I would have to sew every day for the rest of my life. Well, in between adventures. 

I resisted, though, and just bought some white embroidery thread. I needed that. 

If they had had a new embroidery machine, I may well have failed to resist temptation. 

It may snow tomorrow, and the next day. It has been threatening to snow, but really, since winter a couple of years ago, there has been no snow at all. It would be a nice change. All white outside. The fact that the car needs a good wash could be hidden for a few days. And we could stay home and toast hot cross buns.

Jean and I were on coffee duty at church yesterday - we both baked, and so did Diana, because we were having a sort of Fresher's Fair after church. This was to demonstrate all kinds of options for the congregation. The church members have raised enough money, you see, to completely renovate and alter the church, to make it more suited to 21C church, than Georgian church. The pews will come out and new flooring put down, and a new kitchen, bathroom and meeting room will be built, the gallery extended (to house all those appallingly uncomfortable Georgian pews) and it will be redecorated. All over the next 8 months or so, which means that we will have no church home for that time. 

So members of the congregation are all coming up with many different ideas, house churches, courses, walking groups, youth groups, breakfast clubs etc, to take the place of formal church, and we will only meet together as the whole church once a month. Until the building work is done, and we can go back. 

However, the emphasis is on the church body being out in the community, and so it will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know people in smaller groups and to try out different things. Our church is on the move. 

Exciting times. 

Missy will soon be 6. My daughter will be flying away soon. It is almost time to start planting things. Soon. Soon. 

Time flies. 

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Needled Mom said...

Things are changing and moving there, Linds. Glad to hear that Diana is now down to crutches - as miserable as they are! Where is she going???

Wishing your mom the best at clinic. I'd take that coffee along with me too - and a good stitching project.