Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday rolls round again.............

I have a few half written posts in the folder here - and clearly my staying power has been compromised along the way because I cannot post half written things, now can I. Nor do I seem to be able to finish them. I start off early in a fit of enthusiasm, and then, as soon as I get up to make more coffee, I get distracted by life outside the study door. 

Things like washing machines, dishwashers, an annoyingly grubby hob, the sun, a cobweb, a newspaper - they leap up and grab me and then I forget all about the writing and the muse. 

And that, my friends, is why you seem to get the rest. As in a rundown of events, rather than the content of the brain, and/or heart, as the occasion may warrant. 

Take for instance right now. The incoming email pinger pinged as I wrote that last line, so I had to check what was there, didn't I? Exactly. There were some Groupon offers, so I wandered off through the merry maze, bought nothing, and then remembered I was trying to sit down and write something worth reading. 30 minutes later and a load of washing rescued.

I am doomed.

By the way, I am hoping you have all seen that Boomama (Sophie Hudson) has a new book out? But more to the point, her first book is FREE on the Amazon Kindle at the moment, so rush on over and download it. You will not be sorry. I absolutely LOVED it! I, however, bought a real paper book ages ago for money. That didn't stop me downloading the digital copy too, though. One can never have too many copies of good books......

(Washing in drier, and hung up in sun. More cobwebs dispatched. Cobweb catcher bashed about in the sun outside to clean it. Dead leaves removed from plant. Broken terracotta bits of pot hidden from view. Hands washed. Here I am again. Coffee cold. )

(Additional list of post ideas written and mulled over. 15 mins gone.)

(Still considering a photo book Groupon.)

(Concentration is not one of my talents.)

You will remember that I was watching over my friends' home and dog over Christmas...... well, I saw the wedding photos over the weekend. They had gone to Cape Town for a family wedding and holiday, and on Saturday I got to see the photos. Such a beautiful place. Well, you see all the fabulous places when you are on holiday, which is only natural! Anyway. I had never heard of the word Marryoke. Have you? Am I the last person on earth? It was hysterical. Brilliant. Perfect. Hilarious. Fun. 

What a fantastic idea! For anyone who may not know about Marryoke, it is a video made while members of the wedding party, the friends, guests, family etc all lip-sync to the words of a song. This wedding the song was Summer nights, from Grease. Apparently the photographer took at the footage on his iPhone while playing the music for you to pretend to sing on an iPad. Genius. Then he goes away, slices and dices and voila!! The end result is the best memento of a wonderful day. 

Try popping over to YouTube and watching some of the hundreds posted there. You will love them. Good grief, when I remember the official formal photos of my wedding - I never look at them. I never really liked them. The best ones have always been the casual ones taken by friends. They are the most natural, the ones which make me grin. The others are the rolling the eyes in the head variety. I do remember the very expensive and utterly useless woman who was my official photographer took ALL the pre wedding photos of me in the garden with a lamp-post emerging from the top of my head. Photoshop was not around back in the time of the dinosaurs. 

Forget the staged dances. Seriously, getting everyone involved and joining in, unrehearsed, is clearly so much fun. 

(Three text massages received and answered. Lunch made and half eaten. Chat to daughter re physio report. )


There are signs of life in the garden already. The hellebores are starting to bloom, and the snowdrops and other bully things are growing rapidly. I have no idea why so many bulbs are out of the ground, but it could be the squirrels. The garden needs a great deal of tidying up, because I couldn't do anything after the cataract op at the end of autumn. It can wait. I got out of bed yesterday, to find a large black and white cat sitting on the windowsill looking at me. That was different. He is welcome to loiter, because I am quite sure he will dispatch any wandering rodents emerging from their winter slumber. 

Right. That cold coffee needs to be tossed out. 
I will be back. 

Mission: Take some photos worth looking at.


Vee said...

Okay...that was a roller coaster ride! What do you get from a couple of sixty something brains going at warp speed? Vertigo, that's what! Thank you for the notice about BooMama's book. I do not read her blog, but I now have her book, though it took me quite a while from learning about it to actually getting it up and going...I did not have the latest version of Kindle so had to download that...yada, yada, yada. I really have quite the library, unfortunately, it is on the PC. Who set that up?!

Keep having fun. I am off to see some wedding video. True confessions here: I do not like weddings. LOL! Must be why I eloped.

Oh and I envy you the flowers coming up. We are about to receive two back to back blizzards of "epic" proportions. The first major storms of 2015 for us.

Needled Mom said...

Your thoughts sound much like mine - here, there, everywhere!

I have not heard of marryoke before either. I'll have to check it out.

Chris said...

Oh! Thanks for the notice of the book on Kindle! I also have the printed version, but being, you know, ME, I bought it and lost it. I found it again while cleaning out the bedroom one dark and stormy night a few weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the read. It brought back many memories of my own Southern family.

The flitting about without being able to concentrate on one thing must be contagious. I have at least ten unfinished posts.


Isabelle said...

Yes, I too have a butterfly brain.

Linda said...

Oh, Linds - I understand completely. I've been away from the internet (except for quick looks at fb and instagram) for so long, I don't know if I'll ever make my way back. Somehow I just feel weary thinking about the whole business.
My book is shelved, having been rejected by both agents. I don't seem to have the energy or motivation to do anything about it. I'm turning into a real slug.
On the other hand, I'm knitting doll clothes for my granddaughter's new doll and reading, reading, reading. I've decided that perhaps rather that being a writer I'm a reader and a crafty sort of person. I'm finding contentment and a sense of freedom the more stay away from the computer.
It's lovely to catch up with you. This is the reason I can't abandon the internet altogether. I would miss you far too much.