Saturday, January 12, 2008

Daughter has landed.

The globetrotter arrived back home in New Zealand this morning, after 36 hours of travelling, and says that prayer worked far better than the medication she was told to try. Thank you all for helping in that department. It means the world to know my friends are joining me when I ask them to.

I had a dreadful day yesterday, waiting for a text from HK, but she had run out of credit, and there I was at school trying not to ponder the full range of evil options and potential solutions, like hopping on a plane. You know. Mum stuff. Thank heavens she sent Andrew an email, and he let me know she was doing ok. Alive.

I do tend to have an over-active imagination. It comes with the territory when you become a mother.

And some of the little dears I was dealing with yesterday were unspeakable. I left at the earliest opportunity and so help me, if anyone had asked why I was going early, they would have had my laptop deposited in their arms, and my verbal resignation on the spot. It is hard to remain optimistic and positive at times, when one has black marker pen lines drawn over one's clothes (for fun) as one walks about helping kids do their work, is sworn at, is told by a 13 year old that he hates you, and when one seems to spend the greater part of the day attempting to control kids who like to think they are in charge of the classrooms.

And let's face it, yesterday was never going to be an easy day for me anyway. I keep trying to remember that each one of the little dears is actually someone's cherished child. Sometimes it takes more effort than I am capable of mustering.


The weekend is here, and the sun is shining, and my son has no school shoes. He proudly showed me his last pair, complete with HOLES in the bottom. Large holes. I did ask how this had escaped his notice before now, and he said....well, it was wet today. Sigh. So guess where we will be this afternoon??? Enjoy your weekend!


Susan said...

Those kids sound awful. I would not last one minute!!!! I feel for you Linds having to cope with this type behavior. I am also horrified at it. My 12 year old granddaughter was talking about kids falling asleep in her class. I couldn't believe that either. What is our world coming to?

Vee said...

Wonderful to know that your daughter has arrived safe and sound and without as much of a struggle.

My last year teaching (this is not meant to sound as ominous as it does) was spent in classrooms much as you describe. I never thought I would leave the classroom, but my heart went out of it rather quickly. I'll be praying for your year to improve and immediately. Young teens are the very worst. By the time they reach junior and senior year, they have calmed down considerably.

Have a very pleasant and restorative weekend!

someone else said...

It's hard to understand such rudeness in students these days. I wish it were more pleasant for you.

I'm glad Diana made a safe journey.

Needled Mom said...

Glad to hear that the trip was uneventful. Once a mother, the worries never stop.

It sounds as though some of those children need some good discipline. Bless you for your trials with them.

Dawn said...

I'm so thankful that Diana made it home in good shape, without the dreaded air sickness.

I quit teaching years and years ago because I didn't like it after all. I get sad when I hear stories like this - such a lack of discipline in the home. The big deal around here is text messaging in class.

Crystal said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that DD arrived home safely! A huge sigh of relief from this mom for you. Mel goes on Sunday at midnight so she's at the sorting and leaving behind stage. It's just gone by way too fast this time. Hopefully in 5 months they will be back in NA to stay.

Thank goodness for weekends, right?! ((( HUGS ))) my friend - and prayers that the new week will be a better one.

Susie said...

Sorry you had such a rough day in the classroom Linds. I've been hearing a few stories from my daughter who teaches 4th grade (10 yr olds) It's enough to make me just shudder.
Glad your daughter arrived home safely.
I hope next week will be a better one for you..

Barbara said...

Linds I am so glad to hear that Diane arrived safely and without the dreaded air sickness. I know how heart broken you are feeling having been through the same with b oth my children in the past. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
Diane lopoks so like you in the airport photo. And for fyour son's shoes, that sound par for the course for a boy.Hope you haev a better weekwith the kids.

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Linds! So glad you stopped by the 'ole blawg' and left a nice comment! I see lots of people in your comments that I have been blogging with for quite some time. It's so much fun getting to know people from different areas of this world. Makes the world seem much smaller doesn't it?

So glad your daughter made it back to NZ without the dreaded air sickness. That can make air travel so miserable when one gets sick.

I read that you are a widow. My sister has been a widow for years, she lost her husband to cancer when she was 37 and he was 42. Her children were 12 and 13 and it hasn't been easy. They are now grown up with families of their own but you never stop worrying. I have one son, DIL and two wonderful grand kids that live very nearby for which I am so thankful. Hubby and I see them often.

Please stop by again and I am now going to read some of your previous posts to get a better idea of who you are and what your life is like. I wouldn't want to be teaching in this day and age, you have my admiration!!