Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have always said I raised my kids to fly. I meant it then. Now??? Right now, I want to chop off their wings and make them stay at home. With me. Close by.
This afternoon, I watched my daughter walk away to catch the first of 4 planes which will take her back to her home in New Zealand. That would be the place on the opposite side of the world. Down there in the bottom corner. Then I drove home from London through torrential rain, which seemed to mirror the tears of my soul.

For the next 30 hours, I will be flying with her all the way there in my mind. I have been curled up in a ball on the couch, and I should be working, and all I want to do is cry. I have no idea when I will see her again.

I hate goodbyes. There have been so many over the years, and the older I get, the harder it becomes.

So please pray that she gets there safely, and that she does not get the altitude sickness which makes flying long distances a nightmare for her. And to all her friends in New Zealand...... she is on her way home. I know I have said this before. You are the lucky ones.

Over and out. I am going back to my couch.


Susie said...

Dear Linds,
Sending you warm ((hugs)). I don't like goodbyes either..
It's raining her too, and it matches my mood as well
I'll say a prayer for a safe and comfortable flight for her.

Crystal said...

Oh, Linds - I can just feel your pain and my eyes are all welled up thinking of the two of you. Melinda goes back to Poland on Sunday night and I am missing her already. This time she's only here for 9 days and a good part of her time has spent at the homes of our grand-daughters and her grandparents, which is where she needs and wants to be, but I do miss her. Tomorrow we will have a little shopping trip to the local scrapbook store after her dentist appointment and hopefully on Saturday we can create together. Sorry this post has turned into 'my ' space but I know you will understand what I am feeling. Praying that Diana gets home safely without being sick and that you are feeling better soon. ((( HUGS )))

momrn2 said...

Praying for health and safe travel for her. Praying for peace and rest for you!

Dawn said...

Oh, Linds, I am about to cry for you! I really trust that she won't get sick. That would be so miserable on such a long trip.

I am praying for safety for her and for peace for you.

Come on over and check out the latest pictures to make you feel a LITTLE better!

Linda said...

I will be praying Linds. Oh I hate goodbyes too. I'm so sorry.

PEA said...

Being a mom also, I know how hard saying goodbye is...wish I was there right now to hold you in comfort. My prayers have been added to the others for her safe return to NZ. Concentrate on the memories you two made during this past Christmas:-) xoxo

Morning Glory said...

My prayers for a safe journey for Diana. She has such a lovely smile.

I don't like goodbyes, either.

Diana Langdon said...

Hello from Hong Kong!! Paid the $$ for the travellers lounge - nothing like rewarding yourself with a shower! Also got internet & free food, so splendid. Am "booked in" for a nap in half an hour, won't sleep, but will enjoy the bed! Half way there... love you loads and loads,

Isabelle said...

Oh Linds, I read this at work and it nearly made me cry. I know just how you feel. Obviously it's great that one's children grow up capable people and can cope without us, but .... we're their mummies, darn it, and they belong with us...

Hope she got there safely and wasn't too sick. I love it how she's posted a comment so that all her cyber aunties get the news too!

Jo and JD said...

I feel your pain. The raising of a child to be independent and not to fear trying new things really seems like a bad idea when they take those qualities and go running off half way around the world.Big hugs to you and many prayers. You just need to plan on surprising her someday with a long visit from you.