Saturday, January 19, 2008

Social butterfly

That's me. Just picture me dancing lightly on my toes across the top of the page, a la tinkerbell type of butterfly thingy..... I am so descriptive, aren't I???? Then stick on the wideangled lenses and start up the music for Nellie the elephant. Far more accurate.

Thank heavens for the inventor of elastic. The type that we have in waistbands. Of classy evening gear. And floaty things that hide a multitude of sins. Right now, even the energetic stretches and leaps are all too little too late. I am paying for snoozing on that couch, people.

But social?? Oh yes. I am being very sociable! A movie with a friend on Thursday evening...P.S. I love you.... which I loved, by the way. That man has the most beautiful eyes. A 50th birthday party last night, which was great fun, and yet another 50th birthday extravaganza tonight. With glam gear. My life is a whirl this weekend.

I was woken by a friend at the crack of dawn. I got a text message to say "Roger is on!" Now that looks harmless, doesn't it?? I understood the Roger thing as Federer in Melbourne, but, with no glasses and half asleep, I read it as "out." Of course. As one does. Quite understandable. Exclamation marks look like "t"s.

So there was a bit of weeping, wailing and gnashing of the teeth before I tried to reply, and put on my glasses. And now I am the subject of much teasing about being as blind as a bat and incapable of reading simple words. I just love my friends. And then I raced downstairs to watch and in the course of the next 3 hours or so, aged rapidly. It was altogether too close, and I am perfecting the art of watching tennis from behind doors. Or couches.

Then I went to fetch the weary travellers from the station. Glynis and Peter arrived back from SA this morning, and it is great to have them home. This afternoon? I had good intentions, but I confess, I fell asleep on that couch again.

So now I am off to drape myself in finery and go to the ball. Cinderella has nothing on me.

Except a minute waist and curves in the right places.


Morning Glory said...

It sounds to me like the weekend is going to be pretty great. Have a wonderful time! (Maybe share a picture of you in your finery?)

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it is a well deserved weekend break for you. Hope you have a great time. P.S. I can relate with the glasses issue!

nancygrayce said...

I can definately relate to the glasses! I have the hearing thing going on too....where I reply "you said what???" because I hear the wrong thing...aging....ah, aint it grand?

Linda said...

You are speaking to the right audience Linds. I know all about elastic waistbands and not being able to read a thing without glasses and all the other joys of aging!! It is definitely not for the faint of heart.
Have a grand time. It all sounds like lots of fun. It's been longer than I can remember since I had to really dress up in finery to go to an event. We've all gotten so casual. What fun!

Dawn said...

Judging by your last post, this is the week-end you needed! Sounds like great fun. I've thought I might like to see that movie, but can't remember who the male lead is?

The glasses thing - I could not have even seen the letters before putting on my specs in the morning. My eyes have gone hill so dramatically in the last couple of years. I don't like it at all!

Well, it's halfway through Sunday by now - I'm getting ready to get ready for church, but wanted to stop by and say hi. Have a great last few hours of the blessed week-end!

Isabelle said...

You went out on a Thursday evening??? You're not a true teacher. Evenings are for marking, Linds. Well done, though! Hope you enjoyed the ball.