Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday mumblings

I was right. The little dears I teach were not thrilled to be back at school. Nor was I, come to that. So. It is back to normal again. Work, toppling in the door and collapsing in a chair with a cup of coffee, then back to cooking, sorting the house, and preparing lessons. Not to mention reminding son No 2 about imminent exams and the need for study. Lots of it.

The country is apparently in the grip of a norovirus epidemic. The "winter vomitting virus". Such a descriptive name. Hospital wards are being closed because of it, and we are informed that if we get it, do NOT go to the doctor. Do NOT go to hospital. Stay at home and do NOT emerge until 48 hours AFTER all symptoms have gone. Now, I can't wait to see how long it is before the schools have epidemics too. Today, day one of the new term, one teacher was sent home because she became ill. Hmmmm. Just perfect. I know you are all thrilled to have so much delightful information right here on the page to read.

Diana arrives back from Switzerland tomorrow night. Just a few days left now before she flies off back to NZ and her life there. The time has flown by. I think she has had a wonderful time, and she has spent time with all the family, which is wonderful for both her and them/us. I just wish NZ was a little closer. No. A lot closer.

My couch and I have been bonding. I have spent many lazy hours curled up on it reading, and dozing too, if the truth be told. The house looks so different without the Christmas decorations. It always makes me a little sad when they are packed away, and it takes time to get used to the clean bare look. Most of the weekend was spent indoors, because the weather has been revolting. Damp and cold, and wet. Definitely time for couches, and cosy blankets and coffee.

Right. I have lessons to conjure up. I will be back!


Linda said...

Hi Linds,
I feel just the same way about the lack of Christmas decorations. The living room looks so empty without the tree - as do the other rooms without their Christmas finery.
"Bonding with the couch"...I hadn't thought of it that way, but I'm doing a lot of that too. Watching some t.v., reading, knitting, crossword puzzles and a nap evey now and then. Great places those couches.
Enjoy the last little bit of time with Diana. I feel the same about our kids and grandkids in Houston. If they were only about, say, two hours closer.
I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear how Kristen and the little ones are doing. I just checked but nothing so far. Imagine being too busy with newborn, premature twins to blog!! :-)

Morning Glory said...

It's always so hard to get back into routine after so much fun and celebration. The house was so tidy and quiet today, so I curled up with a book in front of the fireplace. It was lovely.

Susie said...

I am enjoying the uncluttered look after Christmas.
That virus sounds quite icky. Avoid it at all costs!
We're quite dreary, rainy and cold here as well.

Barbara said...

Well I do hope you stay free of the virus at school Linds. I sort of knew you would post about it.
Will be thinking of you as Diane leaves for NZ. Love B

Isabelle said...

Ah yes, the January back-to-teaching thing. It's dark! cold! wet! We ought to have January off!

Keep smiling...

Dawn said...

I read today that Tammy, one of the home school moms, was wondering if public school teachers have as much trouble getting back into the school routine as she was having. Definitely, eh??

I sure hope you don't get that nasty flu. YUCK!!

At A Hen's Pace said...


January is the perfect month for some extra couch time. Enjoy without guilt!

Hope you avoid the flu and fall back into a comfortable routine soon.


meggie said...

January there sounds like it should not have schools open. Staying home, cosied up with hot chocolate & books & quilts...

Sheesh, & we are sooo hot here!