Monday, July 27, 2009

Mountain walk, cake and sons......

The weather is stunning. STUNNING! Clear cloudless deep blue skies, hot sun, and mountains and trees all green, topped with white snow. If I had got round to downloading the photos you would be seeing this. However, the cables are downstairs and I am up and ........ you get the picture. In time, people. In time.

Because I am limited in my mountain walking now, David and I took the cable-car up one level this morning, and with the trusty Leki poles, I managed to get round a little circuit. One road and 2 "wandelweg"s. Wandering paths. Through the forest and out of the sun. They are so great, because around every corner is a bench. I sat on them all. Lovely, nice benches. It is just as well I have my son with me. The child is showing signs of being a dictator. I suggested that I might just attempt walking down the mountain, and he stood there and said "Over my dead body" or words to that effect. I know he was right, but I so want to be able to do what I used to do. So we came down in the cable-car. And had a snack at Linie 8.

Then I baked a carrot cake. And here I am. Pacing myself well.

Since the weekend, the village has suddenly filled up with people. Tourists. This is a big week here - Saturday is Swiss National Day, and there is a great deal on, with races, concerts, parades, and many Swiss flags.

David decided that he only needed one pair of shoes with him this time. Hahahahaha. He wears size 14 shoes (UK size) and he announced mid walk that he needs new walking boots. He was wearing trainers. He has a HOLE in the bottom, and Swiss men do not wear size 14 shoes. We asked at one shop, who can provide him with size 14 ski boots at the moment (which he clearly would rather not be wearing in mid summer) but they have no shoes. They have offered to measure his feet and then order in some shoes. I rather suspect that this will not be cheap. So we will try in Luzern on Wednesday and if we can't find any, will have to bite the bullet and trot along to the lovely helpful lady, who may well start planning her holiday in the Bahamas when she sees us walk in the door.

Right. That cake needs to be iced wiht the cream cheese icing while it is still warm. I am off to slap icing about in an artistic fashion. Then I do believe I may have a little nap. I will be back.


Vee said...

Wandelweg...what a nice word.

Glad to see that you are pacing yourself...well, as best you can.

My grandmama and I get in a bug tussle daily about what she thinks she can do and what I know she cannot. Mercifully, the doctor took my side today or I'd have been most miserable. In fact, I would've said, "Back to Shady Acres with you, chickie!" So don't press the kids too hard. Trust them to know what's best.

Hope that boy can find some shoes!

Dawn said...

I love it that David is taking such good care of you! Tell him I said so.

But only bringing one pair of shoes - and with a hole in the bottom. Hmmm. He needs to take better care of himself!

You are describing Colorado, too, you know?? Except for the benches.

Linda said...

You sound more rested and relaxed already. David is doing a good job. I hope he finds some good shoes!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds lovely, Linds. Carrot cake and walking.....ahhh.

I hope you find the shoes soon. Trainers with holes cannot feel good.

Chris said...


I knew there was a reason I liked that boy!

Crystal said...

So having an assistant along means better pacing - well done, David! I believe you have earned a pair of shoes for yourself as a little reward :)) Your cake sounds yummy - enjoy!!

Isabelle said...

Sounds great (apart from the shoes).