Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tennis and friends and strawberries and cream and......

I have made 3 attempts over the past 2 days to post things. Blogger has not co-operated, and photos??? Pah!! it does not want to know. And to be quite honest, I am not prepared to sit here for ages trying over and over again when there is sun and garden and flowers and friends and TENNIS to watch!

We decided to have a Wimbledon Tennis Party on Friday afternoon to pretend we were there. Only here, the bathroom was close by, and we did not have to queue for strawberries and cream. So Jean, Glynis, Mum and I settled in for the afternoon. It was great. Hilarious at times too. Jean is a great Murray fan, so she had to sit on the sofa all by herself. Hahahaha. You see, I want Federer to win this year, so I reckoned he had a better chance against Roddick. Well - I know this is not very patriotic, but hey, I have been a Federer fan since long before Murray appeared on the scene, and that won't change. I loved Agassi and Borg and Edberg and Becker in their days too. Tomorrow will tell.

Everyone brought bits and pieces and we had a feast - home-made scones, and home-made jam, strawberries, cream, icecream, meringues and, of course, Pimms. It would not be the same without the Pimms!

There was a great deal of yelling at the screen going on as well. In a gentile fashion. Of course. And I am trying again to upload photos as I speak. If Blogger doesn't comply there may be sparks flying in a totally un-gentile-like fashion. (It heard me and behaved. Hallelujah!)Jean doesn't know whether to eat the strawberries and cream first or drink the Pimms!

Friday is men's semi-final day, and one of the best days to be at Wimbledon, or at home watching. It did not disappoint. The tennis was great.
Glynis has her hands full, and Mum is enjoying her strawberries and cream!
There are no photos of me. I was behind the camera, or eating strawberries and cream. Probably the latter. Have you noticed how many times I have mentioned strawberries and cream??? That would be because I feel like some right now. And I ate them all. Sigh.
I may be posting less frequently for a few weeks. David's laptop expired. It is still new. He only got it in September, so it is under guarantee, and is being fixed. It may take 4-6 weeks. Groan. That means he will be sharing this one. Bigger groan. I tell you, when I get a laptop, I am going to put a password on it so only I can use it. Territorial? Oh yes.
How strange it is, you know - I remember the advent of home computers so well. We got our first one when Andrew was in junior school. That was back in the early 80s. Heaven knows how many we have had since then, but if you had told me that we would all need our own computers one day, it would have seemed unbelievable back then. Laptops had not been invented. Yet. No email. No internet. No blogging. No mobile phones. And now they are so intrinsically woven into our lives that we can't handle their absence. Unbelievable. I just stop and think, now and then, of how things have changed in my life, and I do not consider myself ancient by any stretch of the imagination. It never ceases to amaze me.
So I will remove my son from my chair in front of this computer as and when I can. He is 6ft 4" remember, and built like a linebacker. Or a prop in the front row of the scrum. I am his mother. He will comply. Insert smiley face.
OOPS - I nearly forgot! Happy 4th July to all my American friends!


Chris said...

And Happy 4th to you as well, my friend!

Strawberries and cream seem to be the rule of the day, don't they? I'm stuffed to the gills. You will have to share your scone recipe!

Vee said...

Oh I can tell that you gals had great fun. How much Pimms did you drink anyway because I'm just wondering if there is a Jewish way to yell at the tv? I'm leaving now before you hit me with your Pimms bottle. Chuckling as I go...

Becky said...

Oh, what a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Your table looked so festive and delicious and the strawberries fabulous.

I watched the match as well, but all I had was celery and peanut butter and Diet Coke.

I rooted for Roddick (American, yes; but from what I know about his character, he is a pretty good guy...I tend to root more for character.)

Anyhoo, I'll look forward to all computers in your house being up and running, as I enjoy your blog so much.

Take care. Love to your Mum.


Becky Terry

Dawn said...

It looks like a fun day for tennis fans (of which I am not one, but then I don't enjoy any sport on the tube).

Sorry about the practically new laptop - the one which took so long to get?? What's up with that?

We had a lovely day - DC and I headed out to the eastern plains and had an entirely different experience from going to the mountains. Many pictures to come in the next day or two. It was just lovely. Now it has rained twice in the last two hours and the sun has come out again, leaving a gorgeous rainbow - my grands will be very distressed if the fireworks don't happen. I think they will, though it will be too wet to sit in the grass to watch.

Tell David he must play fair and share! And you're so right about wondering what we would do without all this stuff that we never even dreamed of when we were young. I remember my first computer class - I thought I would die of frustration because it was like listening to a foreign language. I just wanted her to tell me where to turn it on and what to do next - don't bother me with details about ram and DOS and all that stuff! When I began at CSU in 1993, we didn't even have e-mail yet on campus. Amazing progress in such a short time.

lakeviewer said...

We've been glued to the tennis shown on television. Now, we must have strawberries and cream to join in the celebration, right after our B.BQ and fireworks.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a positively delightful way to spend the day - food, friends and tennis.

Yes, who would have ever known that computers would one day rule our lives?

Linda said...

You girls certainly know how to have a party! What fun Linds. The strawberries and cream sound wonderful.
I feel the same way about all these great "techy" things. Here I am sitting on my living room couch writing to a friend who lives all the way across the ocean. And you will have it with just a click of the mouse. Amazing!

Desia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all?!
I feel quite unenlightened,it's as if I should know, shouldn't I, but what is "Pimms"?
I will have to go and google it now!

Vee said...

Oh I heard that your boy won! Yay for you and all of his fans!