Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off to the mountains we go again.....

All my great intentions sort of evaporated there, didn't they! Sigh. The rain - it keeps on falling, and after a week of watching the golf and listening to the cricket (Hello Australia - did you watch that then????? Huh?????Hahahahahahahheeheeheehee), and tearing down sheds, and dumping stuff at the tip, I sort of fizzled out altogether.

I have not read a thing. I am serious - not a line. No posts, emails or books, magazines or papers. I see the written word and my eyes shut and I fall asleep. I went to bookclub last night and announced that the 4 books I have had for 4 weeks are still sitting in a little pile and have not been touched. I was not the star of the evening.

Today I have been trying to get the world into line before we head off to the mountains. Do not ask when we are coming home, because I totally neglected to book the return part. I have no idea when that will be. We will wing it. It is the summer, after all, and my boys, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter are going to be on holiday, so that is all good.

I have been waiting for all sorts of medical appointments, and now they are all sorted, I am exhausted. You know, I have had enough of the wonderwoman bit, my friends. I am sick to death of marshalling the troops, sorting out the world, fixing stuff and being the organiser extrodinaire. I want someone to sort it all for me. In fact, I think I need a wife. You know??? Yes. Every woman needs one, I feel. A wife. What man, I ask you, would think of the weed matting which needs to go over the bare earth to prevent a jungle of weeds greeting me on my return. Or the fact that one should print off the train timetables. Or the sweets for the plane trip. Or paying the bills, making sure all eventualities are covered. Watering, post, house sitting, the lot. And the pre-departure cleaning. The pacing is going superbly, of course.

I have been quilting the multicoloured quilt. The one to go with my idea of a bright and happy garden. This is England, after all, and it can get rather chilly when sitting out there next to my chiminea. This is pure optimism at work, I concede, as it has been lit just once this summer. But I will be ready for the chilly evenings. The old arthritic fingers are feeling it though, and I don't think I will be hand quilting many more quilts. But that is what machine quilting is for after all. I just love picking up a quilt and working with it on my lap in the evenings.

The garden is growing unbelievably - with all the rain, it has gone beserk. I won't be around, however, to sort the tomato explosion. Or the beans. But everyone else here will be eating them, and enjoying them, so that is ok. Sort of. I will recover. The lilies and roses are in bloom, and the cosmos is starting to flower, and it all looks really pretty. The scent as you walk out the door is amazing. I love my garden.

However, I love my sister more. So there is no contest here. At all.

Right. My quilt is calling. I will be back.


lakeviewer said...

You amaze me with your enthusiastic energy. My opinion on needing a wife is this: too late for us; but, the younger generation can work on dividing chores a bit more fairly. We jumped in our roles without hesitation.

Vee said...

About that pacing...could you show me how? You're forever amazing me with your long to-do lists and your long got-it-done lists...well, we shall overlook those four books. Do have a splendid time on your holiday of sorts. The mountains with everyone in tow...what could be more grand?! (I do hope that your brother-in-law is doing better.)

Morning Glory said...

You deserve to be pampered for a while. Have a very wonderful time away.

Dawn said...

I'm glad you are going to your favorite place in the world to see your sister. Have a wonderful time!

Crystal said...

I agree with you - I sometimes get quite tired of being the organizer, booker, map reader, snack carrier, reservation maker, etc. etc. etc.. Good luck with finding someone who does it as well as you do though!!! Have a marvelous time in the place you love best! Too bad about the garden but how generous fo you to share it with your friends. Don't worry about coming home -highly over-rated sometimes!!

PEA said...

Good idea...I need a wife as well! lol I'm soooo glad to hear that you'll soon be on your way to the mountains and your sister:-) A change of scenery is exactly what you need! Have a fabulous time, dear Linds. xoxo

Donnetta said...

So good to hear from you! I'm excited for you that you are taking some time to go to the mountains. I'm just wondering... would you take me with you? :-)

Enjoy, relax and refresh!

Karen said...

I loved your "I need a wife!". Too funny.

I've been catching up on your posts, and have gone from a heat wave to rain in just a few minutes.

Wish I had a fraction of your energy, and I'm younger than you.