Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday at home..........

Well, here we are at the start of a new week already, and July is almost half gone. Our schools here have not broken up for holidays yet. I think the end of the week is the start. I do know that my daughter-in-law is going back to work for the last few days of term, and then starts again full time in the new school year. Missy is 5 months old already and I have no idea where the time went. This, however, seems to be a common wail around the blogosphere.

I have been staying at a friend's house for the last week while they were away, and have just popped onto the computer now and then briefly when I came home to sort everyone here. And I have used the time away from the computer to start a project I have sort of devised for myself to help me regain a level of concentration and focus which has been sadly lacking in recent months. It is all a part of the CRPS and is not aided by the wretched medication, but hey, I have to do something, and this is my solution. I will let you know a little more when I actually see it working! But it feels good to be focussing a little - for short bursts of time. We will see.

Last week was a trifle disastrous for the Swiss family - my brother-in-law's cousin who owns the restaurant with him, and who is actually the chef at the moment, had a nasty encounter last Sunday with a tractor. While riding his motorbike. Overtaking a slow line of cars up the mountain. The tractor turned in front of him, and he cartwheeled over the top and landed on the road on his back. He was flown to hospital in a helicopter, and is actually, miracle of miracles,. doing really well. 8 broken ribs, and 9 fractures in his spine. He is now all pinned and screwed together.

However, there is only just so much any one man can do running the restaurant, and my brother-in-law is run off his feet. He is chef, and front of house and everything else thrown in for good measure at the moment, with help from my sister who is definitely under the impression that she is superhuman. Thank heavens she is on leave, but then she works unbelievable hours and carries huge responsibilities, and also does all the extra work for the restaurant at night....... This is her holiday. She needs time for herself. Just now and then. And there she is - workign her socks off at the restaurant at the moment. 7 days a week.

So I think we will be heading to the Alps. I have a large, unemployed son who is perfect dishwasher material. Mother can man the washing machine. And me - well I will be pacing myself of course. Hahahahahahahahahahhahaheeheeheeheheehohohohohohoho.

I can sit in a chair and practice my german. I am the Big Sister after all. I fix things.

This family most certainly can do with a period of calm and a cessation of all calamities.

So I am back home and full of randomness :
I tried to go to my acupuncture appointment at the Pain clinic last week, but the lady who does it is sick, so that has been postponed indefinitely. All 6 appointments.
My son has done extremely well in his exams, and has passed his first year with flying colours. I am SO proud of him!
He is poised and waiting to use the computer again. I have asked him to sort my new mobile phone out. I have only had it 3 months and have never switched the thing on.
My garden is producing food in abundance. And what a pity I may well be away when the 28 tomato plants go into full production. My friends will be muttering as they battle to cope! Not to mention the prolific beans. And all the rest.
I think I am going to go and cut out another bright and sparkly quilt. I have no idea where that idea came from.

The focus is gone, people. My brain is back to mush. I will be back! PS. I have internet on my phone thingy but there is no way I will be attempting to write anything on a screen that size. I may go and have another look at laptops though.


Crystal said...

What a difficult thing for your sister and her family! Restaurants are crazy at the best of times. It's good of you to go - pace yourself, my dear! Congrats to your DS!!! That is an awesome way to finish first year. Good luck with all your projects - including the garden! It's so good to hear from you again :)) And I love my MAC laptop - hint, hint!

lakeviewer said...

Good luck on your new project to get you more focus. Going to the Alps? Good for you. Enjoy.

Crystal said...

One more thing - there are so many great online classes / courses - once you start looking you will be amazed! I like the ones that have a video to go with the lesson - you can replay to your heart's delight - or until you finally clue in :))

Vee said...

This is the second such accident I've read of in Blogdom this week. Entirely too many. One broken rib hurts like the dickens so can't imagine 8! Ackkkk...

All the best to you and yours as you put on your angel wings and help out with the restaurant.

Missy is five months old? How in the world did that happen so fast. Yes, it's an echo in Blogdom.

Take care of yourself, Linds!

Vee said...

Perhaps it goes without saying that any son of yours is, of course, brilliant! But not today!! ;D

Needled Mom said...

Oh my goodness, but that was a terrible sounding accident. I do pray that he will make a full recovery with all of those fractures. Yes, it is a miracle.

Meanwhile, you remember to pace yourself as you attend to needs there. It's wonderful that your son will also be able to help.

Sandra said...

Oh I hope he makes a full recovery soon, what a bummer.

I've missed visiting your blog :)


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Busy time for all concerned it seems. As for your concentration and such, baby steps, my friend, baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that jazz. And yes, I know, easier said than executed.

Keep us posted as you can Re: the trip to the Alps.

Happy new week!



Midlife Mom said...

What a miracle that he made it through such an accident alive! I do hope he recovers well with no lingering problems. So much going on. I do feel so bad for the family and the restaurant and all. One can only keep that pace up just so long.

Congrats to your son, good job!!!!

Butterfly Mama said...

Yes, the time is certainly flying! I can't believe he is doing so well - God sure is great! Enjoy your trip as best you can!