Monday, July 06, 2009

Very random whatevers.....

It is quiet around the blogging world, isn't it, and it is quiet here too. I am just listening to "Blowing in the wind" on some tv programme..... you remember it, don't you? My past coming to life again.

The weather is confused today. Rain, sun, thunder, rain, sun all within a 5 minute period. The roads look as though they are on fire, with the steam rising from them in the sun.

Back to the quietness. I rather like it. I know I so enjoy reading all your posts, but, in a way, it delights me when there is nothing new posted, because I have a sneaking suspicion that you are all out there living. Really living. Having fun, travelling about, playing, gardening, enjoying the summer and the warm weather, watching your families grow. (Unless you are dodging the rain here, of course.)

I can't think of anything better. There is probably laughter, loads of smiles, and a bucket full of happiness involved too, in this picture of mine.

You see, the quietness is also a way of having permission to not post all the time. To not feel any guilt. Obligation. To walk past the computer and head for the garden. To pick up a book and the sunshade and sit out in the fresh air. To take 29,769 photos of your garden and wonder at the way things grow. To toss charcoal briquettes onto the grid in the bbq and light a real fire. The smell is of summer, isn't it. None of the gas thingys here, let me add. I like real bbqs!

I know that there are people out there, friends who I blog with and love dearly, who are not having the most glorious of times. There are people struggling, and hurting, and they too stay silent, but for so many very valid reasons. I wish things were different.

I am using the opportunity to be quiet. And the quietness gives me an opportunity to listen instead. Summer gives us the chance to find a space somewhere in the garden, or house, or park or countryside, to be alone with our thoughts.


I have lost my train of thought about 6 times, and you know, I have tried to edit this to make it say what I intended and I just have not got the energy right now, so I will post and let it be. Sorry if I lost you somewhere in the middle!

I am off to look for somewhere quiet, and follow my own advice.


The discombobulated one.

PS: I wanted Federer to win. I like Roddick too, but hey, Roger is special.


Donnetta said...

Ah.. quiet. There is something so refreshing, so healing about it isn't there?

I, myself, have begun to re-focus on the word quiet and exactly what it means.

Quiet... a rather good place to be!

Needled Mom said...

When I heard the tennis results, I knew you would be happy.

Enjoy the quiet.

Dawn said...

I love quiet - unfortunately, I don't get too much of it!

We took a day trip on Saturday and Blowin' in the Wind was the theme song - come over, if you have a minute. More to come, too. It took me two days to get the words and pictures down, though - it is very quiet in blogland.

We are having such crazy weather here - rain almost every day at some time or another.

Linda said...

Oh I know what you mean about the quiet Linds - and the weight that seems to be lifted when we don't feel obligated to write, read and comment. It is so much better to just do it in a leisurely way when we just want to take a few minutes to keep in touch.
I have finally gotten to that point and you're right - having less posts in my bloglines makes it a lot easier.
I think I'm rambling a bit here too- but I know what you mean...if you know what I mean.
Enjoy the peace and quiet Linds.

Crystal said...

Yes - I have been off living and enjoying the quiet too. Your thoughts make perfect sense to me :)) I was just out in the garden, admiring DH's work and the awesome growth he has coaxed along. This is the first year he's been involved in the garden and in his usual "all or nothing" manner, it's getting more TLC than ever before. I, on the other hand, am busy with grandmothering, sewing, cooking and visiting :))

I thought of you when the Wimbledon summary came up on my homepage this morning!!

Jess said...

I absolutely loved this post...and it was so true...I was really living!

Hope you had a great 4th and have a great week ahead.

Love, Jess

Morning Glory said...

"Quiet" pretty well describes my life at the moment. I'm still on the planet and enjoying a week of beautiful weather, spending a lot of time on my patio swing. I'm glad you have a quiet place, too.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Made perfect sense to me. And yes, I've been doing some of that living you mentioned. After you've blogged for nearly 4 years like I have, it often seems like I'm repeating myself and I wonder, who really cares about my mundane life?

I just posted a status update on Facebook that I should be doing laundry. That probably applies to at least half my friends on there, so obviously it's not breaking news to most of us! And naturally, I still haven't started my laundry because I'm still on this dratted/beloved laptop reading blogs and commenting!

Have a good kind of quiet week, Linds, not the somber, sad kind of quiet. :o)

Love and hugs,


PS: I can match you for random and rambling any ol' day! ;o)

Vee said...

I think your post lowered my blood pressure for you sound as if you're in a very good place. If only I were as philosophical about all this rain that we've been having since spring.

Midlife Mom said...

Loved this post. You sure have a way with words Linds! Yes, it has been quiet in Bloggsville hasn't it? I miss all the action in a way but then like you I enjoy the more leisurely pace of blogging in the summertime. We've had tons of rain though so not much outside fun, it's been raining for over a month with just a few sunny days thrown in. Sigh.....