Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mindless chatter.....

Advent starts tomorrow. All of a sudden, it is time to start thinking about Christmas. I couldn't find my wreath, because I am absolutely NOT going outside in the freezing cold to wrestle with the ladder, carry it in and climb into the loft. That would be a recipe for disaster, and I resisted the impulse, you will be happy to hear. I may well have been stuck in the loft for the entire Advent season. Withering away.

So I made an Advent candle arrangement without the wreath. And it looks good anyway. I will add a photo when I download the contents of the camera later.

I have had a quiet few days, but you know, I tend to assume that if I am home, I am resting, and I perch about the place as I am doing things and then wonder why I feel 298. Memo to self: tomorrow sit and do nothing that requires excess movement. I am using the embroidery machine, you see, and it sews by itself, but then I need to keep going in and out to check whether I need to change colours, or if the bobbin has run out so I am moving all the time. But I do love the end result!

I ran out of a particular thread yesterday and went along to my local sewing machine shop. BIG mistake. They have the new Bernina 830 and were using it at the time, and there I stood drooling. DROOLING, I tell you. It is amazing. My life is incomplete without one. Obviously. So I made the mistake of asking how much it was. Hahahahahahahahah. HOHOHOHOHO!

But still.

It was beautiful. Especially the size of the sewing table. And the stitch regulator. And the stitches. And the screen. And I just wanted to pat it and take it home. But I departed with my £3 spool of thread, and something to add to the wish list for my mythical lotto win. I absolutely do not need it. But oh, I want it! See - I am quite frank with you. Need = good. Want = bad. I know. I know.

And that slow cooker I bought???? Just marvellous. Why I have waited so long to invest in one is a total mystery to me. The smell of delicious food when I walk in is just the best. I have great plans for next week's food.

I am rambling yet again.

Right now, I can think of nothing better than curling up under the fluffy cloud blanket with my recession heater, coffee, chocolate and the tv remote. However, I am supposed to be out. Socialising. Looking glam. Without my pink fluffy socks and slippers. And it is raining. And cold. And I need to stop whining and get a life, so.....

Over and out for now. Have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

I vote for the couch, the cover, and the remote control - and chocolate. I fell asleep here in my chair awhile ago, but hubby came up and wanted lunch. So I woke myself up. I am having a had time getting into any decorating mood whatsoever.

Have a wonderful rest of your day! I did an update on the littles, which I haven't done in quite awhile!

Isabelle said...

Linds's fans, may I recommend visiting my blog to find out what she's really been up to recently? I can't imagine how she's managed it, with the turmoil of her life recently, but - she's such an angel (as if you didn't know). She's sent me a present!

Thank you so much once more, Linds! You're so kind and clever!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I hope you can find a happy medium between overdoing it and resting. I'm still pretty sick, so I'm not even cooking supper, much less Sunday Dinner this week. No idea if I'll even feel like going to church. Right now I'm saying, "no way!"

Have a great new week, my friend.

Love and hugs,


Linda said...

Oh Linds, I know all about that need/want thing. It's just better if I don't go shopping at all - ever.

I just love the quilt you made for Isabelle. You are so creative. I need to get going on another one. The thing is the sewing machine I have is so persnickety, and I really want a different one.......

Have a warm, restful sunday Linds.

Butterfly Mama said...

Couch and remote sounds perfect! Hope it was a restful day. An embroidery machine sounds fun...ah dreaming. My little 20 stitch Elna will have to do for now!


Morning Glory said...

It's a good thing you and my daughter, Karen, don't go looking at sewing machines together. You'd drown in a pool of your combined drool. You always make me smile.