Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reasons to be thankful.....

We do not have Thanksgiving here, but I wish we did. Not for the founding fathers, of course, because there weren't any around these parts, but for a myriad other reasons. I honestly feel that having a special day to stop, look around, and take stock of the enormous blessings we are all surrounded by, would do everyone so much good. Me included.

I have often talked about my habit of waking in the mornings and listing 5 things I am thankful for as a way to colour my day, and to remind me that all is not actually lost. But, like every other human being on earth, I tend to get bogged down at times with the things I do not have, and cannot do to the exclusion of everything else. Even those multitude of blessings. I am an idiot. Human, though.

So I thought I would talk to myself today a little. Bear with me, people.
  1. No, I cannot run (yet) but I CAN walk (with a stick). I am thankful.
  2. I cannot climb down a mountain, but I CAN climb up (a small one). I am thankful.
  3. I hurt a great deal, but I CAN feel, and am not as bad as some. I am thankful.
  4. It takes me longer to do most things, but I CAN still do things. I am thankful.
  5. I can only drive short distances, but I CAN drive! I am thankful.
  6. No, I don't have a wood burning stove or a fireplace, but I CAN keep warm. I am thankful.
  7. I don't live in my dream house, but I DO have a home. I am thankful.
  8. My bathroom may need to be replaced asap, but it STILL works. I am thankful.
  9. I may not like what I see over the fence, but I DO have a garden I can grow things in. I am thankful.
  10. My children may live far away, but I CAN talk to them, SEE them (on skype), and chat to them thanks to the marvels of modern day technology. I am thankful.
  11. I can't afford to spend loads on presents, but I CAN use my time to make things. I am thankful.
  12. I can't fix everyones' problems, but I CAN listen. I am thankful.
  13. I may get lonely, but I DO have great friends. I am thankful.
  14. Life may be a trifle challenging, but I CAN still smile. I am thankful.

And that list is just for starters. I could go on. And on.

It is so easy to focus on the stuff I can't do. Don't have. Bad stuff, and heaven knows there has been a great deal of that in my life in recent years. It has been challenging all right. BUT what have I learned from that? So much. So much stuff which has shaped the woman I am today. Not quite what I had in mind, I freely confess. I was born to glide through life. Hahahahahahahaha! Well, the thought would be great at least! Sigh. Oh well........... I do still have dreams, of course!

Actually, gliding may have been a little boring. Perhaps.

No. Everything has happened for a reason. I popped in to the doctor's today to collect a note, and I was chatting to the receptionist about how, until a few years ago, I never darkened their doors. Ah yes - the reason I said that was because she knew who I was straight away, and I said - so anonymity is out then, or something like that. And I left grinning. And as I walked out the door, she called after me and said - "At least you can still smile, Linds."

She is right. I can still smile, after all that has happened.

And for that, my friends, I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends for tomorrow!


Needled Mom said...

Your strength comes from challenges that life presents to you, doesn't it? Some with much more than you have are complaining with their "can't do" attitudes.

We all have so much to be thankful for and it is nice to have at least one day set aside to make us think about it.

Crystal said...

I love your list! I just read Ann's Psalm of Thanksgiving at Holy Experience and yours is already written!!!

You inspire me with your attitude, your faith and your humour. I am so THANKFUL that God sent you into my life. May you be blessed always, my friend!

Linda said...

Dear Linds,
Your list is so moving and so very real. What a blessing your grateful heart is. You are not an idiot my friend - you are a wise, loving lady who has been through very difficult times and still has a heart filled with gratitude. You are an encouragement and a gift.
Celebrate with us - have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Morning Glory said...

Your list is a beautiful one and there are things on there that should be encouraging to many of us. I'd say Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, because you've just given thanks.

Dawn said...

I love the list - love it! I love your attitude, your way with words, your humor. I would love to get together!

Sandra said...

Now that is a beautiful and inspiring list Linds. I've missed catching up with you :)

Butterfly Mama said...

Oh Linds this is beautiful!!!

I love it and another thing to bet thankful for - SMILES!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.