Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day..............

Ah, my mountains...... After two days of non-stop snow, this morning dawned with blue skies and sun shining down on a frozen world. So at lunch time, I put on 47 layers of clothing and set off on a walk to the lake. Now I know that you always see one seasonal version or other of the same places every time I come here, but that is tough. I go to the same places I love. And others, of course. But I always go back to special places, and these photos are why.

If you look above my head, you will see a faint line. Well, that is the height of the snow mountain they have pushed out of the road and field they are using for overflow parking opposite the house. I am 5ft 6" tall, and even though it doesn't look like it because of the angle, that mountain is at least 6ft 6" or more.

The park in the centre of the village where they have concerts in the summer, and where the children go to play.

Just look at the fog, and the light and the mountains, and the snow, and......

I told you it was a frozen world today. But oh, so beautiful. Fortunately, the lake I walked to is close to where my sister works, so I stopped there on the way back to thaw. And have a coffee. And try to reconnect with my extremities.

The cable car to Brunni. Taken with the zoom on the camera. I couldn't see what I was doing at the time, as my glasses had fogged up, so it is a miracle I focused on anything at all. And now for my special favourite........

See??? Now tell me you think this is a beautiful place. Just look at my mountain. And look at the reflection in the lake. And remember I was freezing to death even with the 47 layers. It is minus heaven knows what today. The lake had steam rising from it. I think that is easier to see in the first picture, actually.

The snow has frozen on the branches, and it is absolutely stunning. Four inches of snow on a thin branch.

Sigh. I will add that I sat here downloading the photos still wearing my layers. All of them. The house is wonderfully warm, but it took a long time and 2 warm mince pies and another coffee to actually feel I was prepared to remove even the coat. Reluctantly.

So Christmas has been and gone. It is different here, and I can't begin to tell you how much I missed all my children. Skyping with them helped a bit, but there was an emptiness in my soul. But this is a different place, and there are different traditions, and as my sister said, welcome to my life. It is just different. And at midnight last night, I really felt it. But this is another day, and tomorrow will be too. Different doesn't have to be bad. Just different. You know? I am babbling.

I was thoroughly spoilt by my sister and Mum. I don't think I mentioned that Marge made me an Advent calendar. I can't remember when last I had an Advent calendar My children had them, and we made Geoff some when he was at sea for Christmas, but me? Probably when I was a child. And in every little drawer, there was a saying about sisters, and another one about Christmas, and a gift, and it was SO special.
Little things, people. Little things.

They mean the world.

Everyone needs to feel special, don't they?


Needled Mom said...

Wow....those pictures are always amazing. It does look like a winter wonderland for you.

Your advent calendar sounds fabulous. What a sweet thought from your sister.

Happy Boxing Day.

Olson Family said...

Words cannot express! Breathtaking! Happy New Year to you and your family (Hi to Marge!). S

Dawn said...

The pictures are fabulous. We have such beauty here, but not that we can just go out and walk to. You took beautiful shots. I am glad you warmed up! The advent calendar sounds just wonderful - it will be such fun to open each one next year.

No snow here - but thankfully lots in the mountains. Hayley just came in from riding her new bike with no jacket on and a summer outfit. She's a bit nuts, but it must not be to cold out there!

Kelli said...

Beautiful. I look forward to your trips to see your sister every year, so I can relish in the photos and dream of places far away.

Happy Boxing day, my friend.

Crystal said...

It is so, so gorgeous in your part of the world!! Sunshine on mountains is always breathtaking. Thank you for going out in the cold and taking these pictures to share with us. It makes me want to jump on to an airplane :) Different is hard for us traditionalists, isn't it? ((( HUGS )))

P.S. Sisters are so good at spoiling us - I know I have one!