Sunday, December 05, 2010

Second candle lit.......

Well, thanks for all the other suggestions, people. Today we have had news people calling Haifa "hah - eee - fa". I rest my case. Oh, and "sekatry", "Janury" and "Febury". Screech. We could compile a list here.

I must send my audition tape to the GOW team. Immediately.

So. I have now got holes in the tip of the middle finger of my right hand. Quilting. Holes are not good. They hurt. So I went in search of the thimble I remember being given for my 40th birthday, which, as you may remember, was 16 years ago.

Hahahaha. (Insert cackle.)

I found it. Unfortunately, as my finger is now swollen, it perches on the very top and looks ridiculous. More to the point, it was pitch black. So I had to postpone any quilting and go and hunt for the silver cleaner under the sink, which resembles the Black Hole of Calcutta. The foam was rock hard, but I scraped enough off to soften with water and clean it. Sort of. And now I have lost the will to live. So I abandoned the quilt and came to chat instead.

As you can see, my Sunday is barrelling along merrily here.

The diversions continue to be many and plentiful today.

We popped in to a local Garden Centre earlier, at approximately the same time as the rest of the world chose to do exactly the same thing. I am just so glad that any shopping expedition is not essential this month. The presents are done, wrapped. I spend most of the year working on small gifts, or hunting for them, and I love not having to enter the shopping frenzy. December and Advent take on totally different meanings. I love the quieter times. And soon the baking will start. The scents of Christmas in the kitchen, and memories of grandmothers long gone. Family traditions. Old stained recipe books and mince pie tins. Christmas music playing, and Christmas lights flickering. Ginger and spice and chocolate and cinnamon. And more memories to smile about, and yet more to make.......

My Advent candles are lit, and it is time to curl up and relax. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone, wherever you may be.


Jo said...

Getting the shopping out of the way early is the only way to deal with Christmas. It does put a whole different spin on the Christmas season.

Mary said...

You always have such a good post. Hope your finger heals quickly ! ! And now I'm off to find some Christmas music !

Dawn said...

No quiet times for me this year, but the joy of watching their excitement. No gifts bought yet - hopefully I'll get in gear when all of the upcoming 4 rehearsals and 5 concerts are over.

I'll have to catch up now, because I didn't "get" the first paragraph.

I love the picture of the nativity - I ordered a few more pieces yesterday.

Vee said...

liberry... yes, I'm sure you could go on and on. Why don't I have some simple and sweet advent presentation such as yours? I don't think that such things are offered here or perhaps I'm not looking in the right places.

Dawn said...

Me again - thanks so much for visiting me today. I wondered if you've gone to to see if you can order one of the sets - or Amazon probably has them less expensive. Maybe the postage is prohibitive. They are so fun.