Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Grumpy Old Woman is alive and well.....

I am officially sick of the snow here. And the ice. And the slush. And trying to keep cars going in the direction I ask them to go. I expect obedience from my car. And after promising us a thaw this weekend, it snowed again last night, and now they are saying that next week we go back to freezing, and that it may last till the New Year.

And now for something completely different, although still in the Grumpy Old Woman department...... I am reduced to yelling at the TV set. Every newsreader (and they are all under 40) says "particuly", or heaven help us - "pertikaly" instead of "PARTICULARLY". And it is driving me crackers. DON'T THEY KNOW HOW TO SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH??????? And "reguly" instead of "regularly". The BBC is actually one of the worst for this. The BBC!!!!!!! They need me to go and give them an English lesson. I have become my mother-in-law, who used to talk to the TV set. Only I am prone to yelling.

I was reduced to sending a text one morning to ask the female newsreader to STOP TALKING (I may have used caps) for 5 seconds so that her guest could utter a word. Somehow, the newsreaders of today appear to think that the news is all about them, and not the actual news. I don't give a hoot what they think, I want un-biased reporting of facts. And I am hearing way to much about what these imbeciles think.

The trouble is that most of them are too young, and too obsessed with career advancement. All about "me".

I am a real grumpy old woman this morning, aren't I?

Moaning is good for the soul. At least it is not festering inside.

On a more cheerful note, I am quilting the Christmas thing I made. It may be a wall hanging. It may be a runner. It may just be a Christmas thing. It could be a door mat. However, I am using the wadding a friend gave me. She dropped off a gigantic roll of thick wadding, probably used for upholstery, and because I had it, and it was free, I decided to use it.


My quilt thingy stays rigid. It is too thick. It makes quilting a hideous process and I am falling out of love with it by the second. And I have 2 more quilts pinned and ready to go and I am too lazy to unpin and re-pin with the new thin stuff I found I had. Sigh. It all fits in with the GOW thing, doesn't it. I need to pull myself together and go and unpin, don't I. And stop whining.

Shuffle. Moan. Snarl. Oh all right then.........


Jo said...

Ohh My Linds. When I read the heading for this post I thought for sure you were posting about me.

I know what you mean about these TV People. Some of our neighboring rednecks could do as good of a job with their grammar and pronunciations. A really big pet peeve of JD's is 'prolly' instead of probably and let us not forget to 'axe' someone instead of asking them.

Hey..... perhaps you did write this post about me. lol

Have a good weekend my friend.

Vee said...

Oh you too? It's not particularly that issue, but I do often nudge them to use the correct pronouns...not your people, my people. If I hear one more person say "I" when s/he should have said "me," I may begin to yell. Then we'll be the pair of us.

Sorry that you've found some new stuff that you love that is making the old stuff that you used to love be so unacceptable now. This also happens to me a lot.

A that's another one. Why do people scrunch the two words together and create alot, which is definitely NOT a word? Oh dear, my former teaching days have risen from the ashes. I'd best wander off... Mother and I have a day of craft fairs planned.

Oh, I am truly sorry about the nasty weather. A little snow and ice goes a long way.

Vee said...

Wait a minute, I like "prolly." LOL! It's a beast this critical spirit.

Jane said...

My husband now refuses to watch the BBC news - especially, he says, if it's one of those awful young women! I must agree that it has got so much worse since everyone has adopted estuary English it would seem.

Becky said...

I think our TV people are relatives of your TV people. Ours use bad grammar and speak in nasaly-aren't-I-cute voices. Maybe they train at the same schools.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smile this morning.
I am not to the point where I will email, message or text them, but I make snide remarks on FB about tv people - or exaggerate and make them worse. It depends upon how my day is going.

We have had non stick fluuries here but snow is not on my list of much anticipated gifts this season.
A touch for the holidays and I will have had enough.

As I age I also am less tolerant of temps closer to zero. I have to choose my evils in this world. Snow or below zero temperatures? Tough call.

Then there is the topic of music vs noise... can "rap" count as a holiday tune?

Fran said...

At least radios can't shout back. What a relief. (As a side issue, the word verification is 'drible' which I think is very apt for what you're complaining about.)

Mary said...

Wow, TV reporters in the states are just like that. If they would just let their guest get a word in once in a while. grrrr..

Linda said...

Oh - I sympathize Linds. I vividly remember the morning I went sliding all the way down our front yard on my rear end. There was a layer of ice on the couple of feet of snow that had fallen. I'm sure it was very entertaining for anyone who happened to be watching :-)
Of course, we live in Texas now, and I went for a walk in shorts this morning. Come visit!

Crystal said...

Same thing here in Canada - especially "I'll ask you a question but I will proceed to give my opinion and second guess your answer while using up the air time and then, oops, we don't have time for an indepth answer from you!" TV people think they are celebrities, I fear.

Snow and ice - you are making the nightly news here! I hope things improve soon. And yes, you best unpin and redo it so that you are happy with your finished product. If you lived closer, I'd come and help :)

The Bookworm said...

I don't shout at the TV as I am too busy shouting at my children instead. Specifically, for the use of "them" instead of "those". Tonight it was "them shoes". AARGHHH!

Our snow has gone. A little rain, and - ta-da! - five degrees today. I'm hoping to be able to take Mum for a brief knee-exercising stroll up the road tomorrow. She hasn't been out since she went into hospital four weeks ago.

My verification word is surlyg. Not just grumpy, but surly with it.

Olson Family said...

Icy cold here too.
Had to read your paragraph regarding the TV newcasters to my husband for a good laugh. I've hit that wall also and correct, I mean 'encourage', our girls when they use tenses or words improperly. Although, the one still says "proberbly" as she continues to have trouble with "probably"'s cute for now. Not so when she's 20+ and looking for a job, proberbly.
Stay Warm!