Saturday, July 21, 2012

A strange bright ball is in the sky.......


Don't pass out at the thought, people. The doors are open and the washing is drying as I speak and another load is nearly ready to go out too.  It is the small things which delight. What bliss to have open windows and doors. Forget the weeding which is at a critical point, and the fact that I will have to water later ....shock horror - a watering can with water in it?? In England? In summer? Who would have thought.......
I was up early this morning to sort the washing, and then do a coat of paint on the table top, and then zapped off to Jean's to bake all the cakes for coffee after church tomorrow. It is our turn for coffee duty. These turns seem to come round rather quickly. Anyway, we got all the cupcakes made and iced and Jean did her cheesy straws and some almond cakes as well and we were patting ourselves on the back for great organisational skills when I realised that the washing was still sitting in the machine. Wet. And not outside drying. Oh well. It will be hotter tomorrow, so there is no need to panic. 

The allotment needs some serious attention too, so after church we are thinking of going down there to try and rediscover the vegetables. From under the weeds. At least the ground will not be too dry to yank them out. Memo to self: remember to collect empty soil bags to drop at a friend for goat manure. 
 Since I started this post, I have had a cup of coffee and done some weeding outside. Buttercups are the bane of my life at the moment. They seem to spread overnight. I also managed to remove a flying bug which landed in my hair and gave me the screaming heebiejeebies. And now I can feel a whole colony of (imaginary) buglets crawling in my hair. Isn't the imagination a powerful thing? {{Shudder}}

The news yesterday of the cinema shooting in Colorado took over our news channels completely. So appalling, and so seemingly pointless. The mind has to wonder why? Why? What possesses people to suddenly do something like this? And my heart aches for those who lost loved ones. Such wanton destruction of lives, families, dreams. Guns....I loathe them. The sooner they are removed from the hands of the general populace globally, the better. 

Growing up in a country where people carried guns was enough to scare the living daylights out of me. My father was once walking down the main street in central Cape Town at lunch time, and someone yelled "Stop Thief!!" at a bag snatcher. Dad said every single person around drew their gun and it was absolutely terrifying - the potential for disaster. "Shoot now and ask later" kind of mentality. I cannot begin to tell you how I hate it. Life is precious. And how on earth can someone order 6,000 rounds of ammunition??? Warning bells? Potential catastrophe? Why would anyone legitimately need 6,000 rounds of ammunition? I do not care if it is a historical right. It is a 2012 wrong. Just ask the families of the people who died yesterday. And countless others. 

Well, that may have put the cat among the pigeons, but this is my place and my thoughts and feelings and those who know me in real life will be quite unsurprised that I have voiced An Opinion. I am not known for my silence when opinions need voicing. 
And now I am off to skype with my granddaughter. I hope your weekend is warm and sunny too!


Crystal said...

I echo your sentiments on guns - I am so not a fan! And what tragedy for those families. It makes me so sad to consider it.

My friend and I went on a county garden tour today and had a delightful time! I thought of you several times. The nine gardens were each so unique, so beautiful, and so precious to each owner. I got lots of great ideas and new information. We had such a good time doing it - and even picked 3 pails of strawberries at the u-pick on our way! I cam home so very thankful for growing things and our beautiful creation. Watch for photos on my blog:)

Good luck at the allottment - we've had rain and lots of sun here this week so things are really growing. Happy Day of Worship to you!

Isabelle said...

Our weekend was warm and sunny but today - mild and wet. Again. Sigh.

Gillie said...

Obama waffled on with many fine words after the tragedy but not one word about maybe, just maybe, some sort of gun control is needed in that country.