Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An update on the chaos.......

Of course you need an update on my chaos, don't you?


Hello, people. I have slithered out from under a pile of wood. I have blistered hands from screwdrivers and paint brushes.
The corner seating thingamewhatsit is constructed, thanks to Jean and a huge amount of muttering and sweating and wondering whose idea it was to grow my hair so it fell in my eyes and stayed there as if glued  while I was upside down trying to force screws into said thingamewhatsit at a bizarre angle. It is in natural wood, but I want to paint it white because it is in the darkest part of the house and I need light. I also need a large mirror for the wall above it, to bounce the sunlight into the corners. Therefore I need a substantial lottery win, you understand.
The bits of wood I want to keep are no longer decorating the lounge. They are now decorating the kitchen.

The floor of the nook place is now covered with old sheets awaiting the day when I can summon the energy to start the painting.

The gap in the tiles, where the cupboard was, is cunningly filled with 2 layers of thick cardboard to give a level floor, pending the emptying of the entire garden shed to retrieve the spare tiles. That may happen in 2020 at this rate, because we have not had 2 consecutive days of sun since March. And I kid you not. Monsoon like rains today had water shooting out of manholes in the road like fountains. My garden is almost losing the will to live.

The thick cardboard was from the box the whole breakfast nook came in. recycling at its best.

The door is painted and the glass is scraped clean, thanks to a wonderful tool Geoff had for years and I never knew what it was for. Then I remembered him using it for the glass doors, and, eureka, it works!! I have discovered that the optimum day for using it is one day after painting. 2 days after painting doesn't work as well. And 3 days after painting is out of the question.
And I am beyond exhausted and ready for a holiday in Hawaii or some such place which gets the sun in summer. I am sitting here in thick jeans and a sweater once again, and my feet/shoes are wet.

The bench destined to provide height for my pots in the garden is now painted and ready to go outside. I just want it to go out when the sun shines, and there is no rain, so I wait. It is also blocking one side of the table, so you have to use the other side to get anywhere. I had to clean the kitchen cupboard doors after being a little too enthusiastic with the green paint.
 The books are back in place on the shelves which now have classy wooden beading along the edges....
See? I think it looks really good, and adds a nice finish to the shelves. But then,. I did it so I am biased, of course.

It has been one of those days where you realise late in the day that you have failed to remake your bed after washing the linen. And that was one thing too many to do today. Groan. I need to go and soak in a hot bath. Then topple into the bed I have now made. Tomorrow we have early morning crack of dawn aquazumba and that requires energy which is sadly lacking as I speak. I need a week of nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe a book.

Oh well. We are getting there slowly, and one of these days you will be dazzled by the finished room. I promise. The carpets need mowing cleaning/hoovering. The sofa covers need washing, but that requires 2 days of sun. Two whole days of uninterrupted sun. Sigh. I live in hope.

The good part is that my new study has remained organised, and has not joined in the general chaos bit reigning around here. Thank heavens.

Bed time. If I make it up the stairs. Did I mention I am back to Bath again on Monday?? No? Well, I am. They will be SO thrilled I have been resting and pacing myself. Night, all - sleep well!


Crystal said...

I feel so lazy after watching you with all your projects! And the weather in your neck of the woods made our national news last night. There's great worry about the Olympics and roadways caving in and the weather. God can work a miracle, right?! Sleep well and good luck with the people in Bath. Somehow I think you are not their idea of a model patient :)

P.S. Could you send us some rain? It's the 5th day of +30 degree temperatures and we (including the gardens and trees) are melting.

Vee said...

Yes, well, I just hope that the gang in Bath doesn't read the blog. Oh my, Linds, I had to open the photos up to the largest size to see what was going on. I do now, of course, see the new dining area. (I always wanted those in my former home. I thought it would open up so much space.)

I have had those awful days when it is bedtime and the bed has not been made up with fresh as a case in point.

We have had nearly a week of the most glorious weather. Hope that it is heading your way, though I'd love to keep it.

Needled Mom said...

Oh my dear, girl!!! What ARE you doing???? It is looking wonderful and I am sure it will be such a reward when you are finished.

Diana said...

The breakfast bench looks like Engelberg x