Sunday, July 15, 2012

And the sun was spotted in the sky......

The weekend is drawing to a close and I have no idea where it went. Time runs away. Actually, it would be way more accurate to say that time is meaningless, really. It seems to me that time is flying by, but, you see, it takes me way longer than it ever used to to do things, so I see/judge time from a rather warped perspective. I remember it as it was, and things as they were, and me as I was, and then I sort of judge time, me, the lot from that angle, and not from the more realistic Linds/July 2012 version.

It takes me more than double the time to do anything at all compared to the old Linds, and then, of course, we have to factor in the squelching of the pride and the asking for help bit. That adds more time, because I battle with my own ego. Getting round to asking for the help finally happens and that is just as well or I would REALLY be complaining about the speed time seems to be racing by at. (The grammar police would hate that sentence. I am not all that keen on it myself.)

So where was I before I started meandering off down some time warp worm hole......

 The weekend is nearly over.

It is a trip to Bath and more appointments on the list for tomorrow and then, hopefully, time off for good behaviour and no more visits for a while. Tomorrow I get to see the OT and the physio, and they will run through new exercises for me to do, in the hope that I can sort of control the results of the flare and so help me, learn how to avoid another one, because, people, it is still roaring into life on a daily basis. I was in a car earlier, and a loud motorbike roared past, and I nearly levitated from my seat. Add loud motorbikes to the list. Vibrations. Sound. I need to learn how to rein this in. Soon.
Today, believe it or not, the sun shone. Not brightly, but sun nonetheless. Amazing. A miracle. And today is St Swithan's Day, I heard on the news, and, whatever the weather is today, it will be for the next 40 days. Now that would indeed be a miracle, because according to the BBC's weather page, 6 of the next 9 days here will involve precipitation, and where the water will go is anyone's guess, because we are sodden. I have just been out to water the garden, and nothing needs watering except 2 hanging baskets planted with fast growing tomatoes. Not once this summer have I needed to use a hosepipe. If we could just take our weather and the States' and mix them together and divide in half, we would all be blissful and chirpy, wouldn't we now.
The lilies are flowering in turn. I have no memory of planting these ones, but they are pretty so they stay.
Flowers are rotting and that is revolting. The compost bins are full because I keep hacking away at the rotten ones. In the hope that they will resurrect themselves and bloom once again. I actually think that the roots are rotting in the water. So much water. The dahlias are taller than me though. And are starting to flower.

Ah well, it is not that long ago that we had no water here, so I should not wail. But wearing warm layers is becoming exceedingly irritating in the middle of July.

On a cheerful note, while Glynis and I were wandering around the lake on Friday, we ventured into an Anglian Water shop. They appear to own the lake. Anyway, there were some lovely bits and pieces for sale, in addition to the maps and information pamphlets we were after, and look what I found. I just LOVE the brightness and they go beautifully in my kitchen right now with the summer rainbow colours everywhere. (That just means that ANY colour works in the kitchen for summer.) Bright. Beautiful. Cheery. I thought, initially, that they were very pricey, but it appears that my eyes need re-testing, and that I need new glasses. They were very cheap. So they now live with me. I am going to use the large one for flowers. They did have a teapot and some other pieces, but I resisted the urge, and stayed within the budget. Aren't they gorgeous?? I should go and pick some pretty flowers and pop them in there. Once the corner bench and table are painted, I think they will look great on the table. Maybe by the end of the week. I live in hope.

Peter popped in yesterday briefly, followed by more friends who lend a hand around here, and we started talking about putting aside a weekend to make a mega effort to get all the decorating done. That would mean the sorting of the sewing room could happen sooner than I thought. Aren't friends great? Doing things together for each other makes the boring stuff fun, and there would always be coffee and scones around. I have white paint, you see, and willing friends, and the whole place can be painted white. It will be bright and that is good. I cannot remember when last it was painted, but it was a long time before Geoff died, and it really looks sad at the moment. So now I am dreaming about a newly decorated house.

Get a grip, Linds. First things first. Finish that nook area. This week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, wherever you are - I will be back after the trip down to Bath tomorrow. The camera is charging as I speak.


Crystal said...

After you finish the mega effort at your house, could you all fly to Canada and spend a weekend at my house??!! Our house was last painted the year Heather got married, 13 years ago - it's overdue! I hope the sun comes out to stay soon. We are having a rain today which was desperately needed so we are counting ourselves blessed today. Good luck in Bath!

Needled Mom said...

Wishing you the best report from Bath.

Gillie said...

It is tipping it down in Cheshire, got very wet Nordic walking so hope your drive to Bath isn't too awful. Here's to lots of lovely white paint everywhere! In the right places, I should add!

Vee said...

So I imagine that by 2 or 3 in the afternoon, you must be finished with your appointments. I hope that you and friends have headed for the nearest tea room to enjoy some refreshment.

I must tell you, Linds, that the pottery is so cheery and bright that I am still grinning.

What a lot of rain... I must also mention that I looked up my July forecast and was appalled to learn that there would be 11 straight days of rain. Well, it never happened. Those 11 days were all sunny and bright so pffttt to the weather frogs.

Sandra said...

Oh I LOVE those pieces you bought, they are gorgeous :)

Sorry that the rain hasn't let up, it's frustrating when there's too much of it. Wishing you some sun :)