Saturday, July 07, 2012

Wherein I ramble a lot.........

My list of things I want to talk about is growing, but I need to sort and organise the thoughts a know what I mean? And here I am with paint on the fingers instead, because yesterday my friend came round and gave the old study a first coat of paint. It is transformed, and the ceiling is totally amazing. It seems so high now! I can't begin to remember when last it was done. I helped with the paintbrush going round the skirting board and coving and corners, and today I have already done the second coat so the field is clear for when the paintpod expert returns later to do the second and, I hope, final coat.
Jean doing the wallpaper pasting. We had hysterics at her shadow!
Yesterday was also a wonderful day for me because my best friend from forever, Linds, and her husband Geoff came to visit and we went out to lunch and it was just wonderful. They are on holiday - they live in NZ. 
Linds and her Geoff. Yes, I know it is confusing but we managed!
But back to the nook thingyamewhatsits. Old study. Once the painting is done, I do believe we will be on the home stretch. And.....

Then we can start to assemble the nook. A community effort. I am good at making coffee. The skirting boards I can sit down on the floor and do later with the gloss paint. Whatever I have in the paint cupboard will do. And I will remove all the books tonight and do the walls behind the shelves too. And maybe the shelves......

Cupboards. I am now so organised in here. There is a cleaning and vase cupboard, an electrical stuff cupboard, a linen cupboard (with a quilt shelf), a tool cupboard and a party cupboard. On top, I have a huge shelf for the extra sofa covers and the seasonal linen.

I hope your jaws are dropping in amazement at my organisational skills, people. I amaze myself. Never in the history of me has there been an electrical cupboard, complete with every type of bulb (arranged), spare lamp stands, extension leads, plugs, electrical tape etc etc etc. Geoff would be so proud.

I just have to remember where it is. OOOH!!! I just remembered all the Christmas lights! There is room for them in there too!!

I am a genius.

I may even put Geoff's test meter in there. I think it belongs there. (I have no idea how to use it or why, by the way, but it is staying. It was his most prized possession.
It is now Saturday and I wrote all the above yesterday. This is becoming a regular feature here at Rocking Chair Reflections it seems. Sigh.

The second coat is done and I am now awaiting the arrival of the expert to do the 3rd coat. Apparently a third coat is essential. Right.

Andy Murray won his semi-final match at Wimbledon yesterday and the country is ecstatic. He will be playing Roger Federer in the final tomorrow and I want Roger to win, which may be treason but I don't care. I like Roger. I am not that fond of Andy. And the rain is lashing down as I speak. One headline today said it was going to rain till September. That is enough to make everyone start on emigration plans.
So I was up at the crack of dawn (9am) this morning, and I zapped off to the local DIY place to buy a replacement light fitting for the old study. The painting expert says it is no problem to put up a new one. I do wish Geoff had taught me how to do light fittings. Mind you, I may not have been paying attention if he did try. I can't remember. I just know he would have done it in a twinkling of an eye. And I can't do it.

I have been painting the corners and the edges, so the old study.....I HAVE to call it something else for heaven's sake...... Hmmm. The nook? New room? Cubby hole? Suggestions? Where was I? So the _____ (fill in the gap) is ready for its final coat sometime today. It is good to keep moving today, because I have been just a little wobbly. So moving is good, and so is jabbering on about inanities. Like the rain.

The rain has been so bad that the Grand Prix at Silverstone is a mess. Well, the parking areas are fields of mud, so today, 20 000 people due to arrive by car (with tickets) have been told to stay at home. The race is tomorrow. And the rain will be even worse tomorrow. Silverstone is not far from me, so if you happen to be watching, just know that I live about 16 miles (25kms) away. And the weather they have there is very likely to be the weather I have here.

I am rambling today. It is 6 years since Geoff died. That is a long time. But I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Every minute detail.

 The paintpod expert has arrived and the kettle is boiling. I will be back later. PS And now the sun has come out. This weather is seriously weird.


Needled Mom said...

Wow! Do you want to come organize for me next? I could use some of it. I can't wait to see pictures of the new study.

Our summer has been so unusual too. The fog is as thick as pea soup again today. They are predicting a "no sky July" for us which is not welcome after a "grey May" and a "June gloom".

Good luck on your choice in the tennis.

Stripeyspots said...

Oh, your flowers are so beautiful. We need some of that rain so badly!

Vee said...

Oh I am terribly impressed with not only your organizational skills, but also the space you seem to have found. I'd love some space, which I know I can have if I get rid of lots of stuff.

How wonderful to have such good friends who paint and everything. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint! Looking forward to seeing it all set up and looking fine.

We know a couple of couples with the same names. It can get seriously confusing. In our case, it's Billy and Sharon. It must have been pure delight to spend time with your friends all the way from New Zealand. Had they no room in their suitcase for Diana?

Keep pacing yourself now or you're going to wind up as a closet organizer or something for the entire community.

Vee said...

When you ramble like this, I want to comment on everything. I forgot two things: 1.Where is all this rain coming from? (Even our weather has not been this bad.) Do you follow Susan Branch? She just spent some weeks in your corner and described it as chilly and wet, but she didn't mind...she's chirpy that way.
2. Your flowers look lush and gorgeous!

Vee said...

Oh, and these sorts of posts are my favorites. I wish that I could write them nearly so well.

MaryLou/Texas said...

You are an inspiration to me. Once the heat in Texas lets up...
in September?..I will have to run fast to catch up with you.

Would you tell me the name of the beautiful flowers by your door?
They are stunning, and I don't recognize them.

I also read Susan Branch's blog.
So exciting to hear her visit was in "your neck of the woods" as we say in Texas.