Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocolate brownies brighten the day................

Hello there, friends - come and see what I have to show you today....................

It remains cold damp and grey around  here, so today, my daughter decided to find a recipe for brownies on the web and make them. Can I just say that my entire house smells of chocolate and that I have overdosed on calories. Chocolate brownies with peanut butter chips. UnbeLIEVably delicious!

Just look at all the calories moist goodness.............


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bliss. It is great having a daughter in residence. She can stay. 


There was some serious positioning for photos going on here. Placement is all to a graphic designer, so mother sticking the camera over her shoulder was not what she needed. Brownies. Brilliant. Enough said. (Just as long as there are still some there for pudding later.)

We have also discussed the possibility of the baking being the reason we are not stick insects, but rather "padded". I don't want to dwell on that possibility too much. I like the baking. 

So today has been an at home day. I am still waiting to hear from a friend about borrowing a car for a few weeks. My mechanic can't come until Tuesday week. Right. How convenient. And the dentist will get back to me re the appointment needed to rebuild the smile. Tick that box. I have managed to catch up with quite a few computer based things on the "to do " list, so that is good. I was chatting to a lovely blog friend on Facebook, Debbie, this morning. (She sent me a wonderful surprise gift and I was totally blown away by it all. So kind and so thoughtful.) Well, we got onto the subject of grinning like a Cheshire cat as much as possible while dealing with crises which seem to be besetting us all, and I suggested she check out her grin in the mirror, because I always make myself laugh when I see myself grinning in the mirror. I know it sounds ludicrous, but believe me, people, grinning at yourself is a very good habit to develop. Especially when the alternative is to bash one's head on the desk or burst into tears. 

Try it. Hilarious. Seriously. 

Diana looked at me last night and asked me why I wasn't working on my latest project. And what is that project, by the way. Hmmm. I had almost forgotten the crochet together as you go blanket. I must get going on that again. I have just been in flopping and falling asleep mode. Great, but not very conducive to productivity. And I have also almost decided to start selling some of the things I make on Etsy, Folksy, Not the high street or wherever. I said almost. I will have to gather up some of the many projects and see what I come up with. And quilts. There are quilts I have made too. They can go as well. 



I don't usually make things to sell. That way they have to be perfect and so help me, I don't do perfect. I do Linds' way and I think I will stick at that, whether I decide to sell stuff or not. 

I had a chat to my friend Margaret this afternoon - I had just heard that she is to be a Granny for the 5th time in September. All these babies - so exciting! And then David sent me a message to tell me he had got a distinction for his research proposal submitted a few weeks ago. Fantastic! I am SO proud of him.

You see, a grey cold, damp day needn't stay grey cold and damp. A couple of brownies, some excellent news, things crossed off the to do list and an evening of creativity ahead. Who said life had to be grey? Not around here, it isn't. Full of colour. Granny is working on Diana's crocheted blanket. I have mine to work on too, and Diana is always creating. Loads of colour all around me. And brownies. I love it. 


Kelli said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to David on his distinction!! How wonderful to know thaat all his hard work is paying off at University. You must be bursting your buttons with pride.

Also, what is this connect as you go blanket you are making? Do tell!

Lastly, I found a recipe for banana bread that John is going to make tomorrow- get this: 1 box yellow cake mix, 2 eggs and 4 over ripe 'nanas... put it in a stand mixer and then two greased loaf pans. Bake at 350F for 30-40 minutes and voila! Of course, I will be adding huge chunks of either chocolate chips or walnuts. Or both. But how simple, and the house smells divine when banana bread is baking!

Anonymous said...

I can smell that gorgeous smell from here!

Debbie said...

Congratulations to David! I know you are very proud of his accomplishments.

The brownies look so delicious!! I can almost smell them through the computer screen. I don't make that sort of thing very often any more as my husband is diabetic and I am nowhere near being a stick insect, but those photos are tempting me to reconsider for an upcoming visit by a daughter and granddaughter.

I have tried the Cheshire cat grinning and you are right. From now on I'll be doing more grinning and less head bashing. ;-)

Susan said...

The aroma of brownies while baking is heavenly. I can almost taste these beauties. The skies are often gray here and you're right, it makes me want to bake! I often resist and instead reach for the lovely Swiss chocolate bar :-)

By the way, I'm a little padded and that's okay :-)

Needled Mom said...

That is great news about David....well deserved with all of his hard work too. Congratulations to him.

I think the Etsy idea is wonderful. I am much more tempted to purchase from Etsy BECAUSE it is not a mass produced item. I rather prefer imperfect.

The choclate looks yummy, but you lost me at peanut butter. I am not a fan...crazy, I know.

Tigger said...

You would't by any chance need a
" Taster in Residence " would you ? I'm good at that.....
Congrats to the Clever Son !
Shall now go & try the Grinning at One Self method of being cheered up.