Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunday without a Superbowl...........

It is night time here, and I am just waiting for Call the Midwife to start at 8. I know it is Superbowl Sunday, and I am reminded of the many years Geoff used to stay up all night watching it. He loved the Superbowl. I have a little problem getting my head around the number of stops and starts. It doesn't flow like rugby. And I also know that the adverts and the halftime show are great draws, but hmmm. I am not American!

We had a wonderful church service this morning, and we have been challenged to do one random act of kindness for a member of the church this week, and one for someone outside the church body. That is a wonderful challenge. I am already thinking of ways I can do something.

One of the things Adrian used to illustrate love and kindness today was to play a video clip which has been all over Facebook recently, called A few minutes of perfection. It can be found on Youtube, and I really urge you to go and watch it. At first is seems a little confusing, but keep watching and you will soon realise what is happening. It was a perfect accompaniment for the sermon.

I did indeed go and do some more creative crocheting last night - the blanket is growing. I only stopped at midnight when my hands got sore. And I will do some more later.

Jean came to lunch after church - for the ever so easy Prawns and Pasta Creation. I love meals I can throw together rapidly! And coming home at 1pm and then making lunch means that quick and easy is the only way to go unless we eat mid-afternoon, of course. Or in the evening. So it all worked well, and it also warmed the kitchen up, because today has been COLD again.

In the meantime, Diana is having fun in the snow. Every day she gets to shovel mountains of snow off the driveway. Mountains. She may well have seen enough snow for a lifetime by the time she comes home again.  But being in the mountains must be a delight for her too. She loves Switzerland. She takes after her mother.

I have yet another coffee in a perhaps vain attempt to stay awake. My eyes keep closing. This is ridiculous at 7.10pm. Getting older is for the birds, people.

I will be back.......................


Anonymous said...

I certainly know how you feel about trying to keep your eyes open Linds!

I'm about to go to bed myself!

Sandra said...

Oh I struggle keeping my eyes open when I'm sitting in front of the TV. I get so frustrated with myself lol