Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I am back........


There is a cold wind blowing and it feels like snow in my bones, as the old folk used to say. I know what they mean. I feel old. My bones are feeling the snow too, and it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. We shall see what the morning brings. The snowdrops have opened and they are the living promise of Spring for me, and the start of an awakening garden. If you have been around here for a while, you will know how much I love gardening, seeing things grow and sitting out there is the midst of all the flowers. Sigh. I LOVE Spring and all the little seedlings. I must get out the box and check what I have to plant this year. Between us, Jean and I should have everything covered. We keep seeds from each year and plant them on. 

I have been moaning talking about the need for a freezer for a long time. Forever, if you could hear those closest to me. And you know, miracles do happen. One of the ladies in our house group (now called Life Groups) is moving, and she happened to mention the fact that she had stuff to dispose of, so Diana and I arranged to pop in and see what we needed. Well. There was the most gorgeous not too huge little chest freezer sitting in the garage, and it was perfect. Just PERFECT. So I asked what it would cost and nearly passed out when she mentioned a really small - read manageable- amount. Sold! And that wasn't all. David's bed closely resembled a hammock with long since dead springs, and so we also acquired a great bed with a new mattress for a similar amount. I mentioned my daughter's great assistance with the transportation and assembly of The Bed last time I managed to actually write something here.  I cannot tell you how excited we were here at RCR with the advent of a new bed. 

We possibly need to get out more. 

Anyway, the freezer will arrive next week, when I go and fetch it. Or when I watch it being fetched, to be more accurate. Where it will be going will be interesting because I have no idea, but that will be sorted. That freezer has a new home right here, and for goodness' sake, I can always sling a cloth over the top and plonk a vase of flowers on it, can't I........

So there was the emptying of the shed, the bed, and then the trip down south to visit a certain small girl who was about to turn 4. Missy is 4. It seems just yesterday that she was born, and here we are - 4 years old. She is too cute for words, and it was wonderful watching her play with the games we gave her. All on the floor, learning to play them with all of us, and she had a lovely time. So did we. 

Andrew cooked one of the best roast pork meals I have EVER had in my life. At least with a roast, one can be sure it is pork and not horse. What? You haven't heard about the scandal of horsemeat being substituted for beef in some ready made dishes??? Just google "horsemeat scandal in the UK and Europe". This is a good place to start. It is huge news here, and the nation is being very, very picky about where and what we buy or eat in the meat line. It is enough to turn us all vegetarian. Mind you, I am not a great meat eater, so I don't think I would miss it much at all. 

Where was I....

Oh yes - my son cooked a fantastic meal. Then my daughter-in-law produced the most divine chocolate cake with candles too, for a combination celebration of Diana and Missy's birthdays within 4 days of each other. That cake was sensational. The singing was loud and just about tuneful and the candle-blowing-out was perfect.  I must get the recipe and the icing one too.  Having adult children definitely has some perks and I just love being able to ask them for recipes. Both the girls bake beautifully. Actually, all the kids cook very well and they will not starve! Missy loves baking too.


The two birthday girls. Missy learnt to read the cards first before opening the parcels, coached by Auntie Diana. She was very good about that. It just made me realise even more how grown up she is becoming. She starts school in September. Wail. Time is flying by too fast for me.

Her actual birthday and big party day was on Sunday, and she woke up to find a gorgeous doll's house in the sitting room, just waiting for her. A gift from fer Mum and Dad. I think it will give herehours and hours of fun. She adores little things. And the pretty dress? A gift from her other godmother, which she put on, refused to take off, and woke up in on the birthday morning. Ah is only 4 once!

And now, moving on a little - my daughter decided to do some weeding yesterday, and my front flower bed has never ever looked this wonderful. There is one small patch still to do, but she has done an amazing job and I couldn't be more delighted. 
The weeds have been extracted and the remaining ones have been gelled. And my spring bulbs have room to breathe and grow. Irises, daffodils, tulips. I did ask her if she wanted to do the front garden this year, and plant what she wanted, but she declined. Well, as long as she keeps weeding, I will be thrilled to bits. 

After the emptying of the shed saga, I have had a tough time moving, so I went along to my aquazumba class to cancel yesterday, and discovered that I wasn't booked in to it. How bizarre. I could have sworn I booked in. Anyway, I came home and flopped around here, and that was when Diana started on the front garden. So, because I can't sit still, I started weeding some of the back garden. It was a glorious sunny spring-like day. At least the beds are raised, so that wasn't too bad. It is starting to look tidy, and if I get on top of the weeding now, I should be able to keep it under control. The allotment is ready to rotivate too, so I think the men will do that this weekend. 


My tubs at the front door are starting to fill out. I love these little pansy/viola/violets/whatever they are. They can be buried by snow and they are still ready to pop their heads up once it melts. 

Today, Mum had a doctor's appointment this morning, and once that was out of the way, we headed off to Ikea, via the South African shop. I tell you, just walking in the door, I am transported thousands of miles away. Familiar packaging. Familiar foods. Familiar spices, jellies, chutney. Mum and Diana loved it too. Guava juice, 100% pure. Spur salad dressing. Chocrust biscuits(cookies). Lemon jelly for Mum's wonderful puddings. Moir's vanilla essence. Ahhhhhhh. So much. Milo bar (chocolate). And more.

And then Ikea, and clothing rail, plastic baskets and lids and drawers for the daughter to try to organise her clothes. An airer for mother and plastic bags and candles for me. Groan. Plastic bags and tealight candles. My restraint is staggering. I need to go and browse through there slowly, with stops to rest. And have a really good look at it all. One day. 

Jean had asked us to get her a seat cushion, so Diana called her on the way home and asked if she would like us to drop it off, or if she would like to come to us for tea. This is Jean, the baking whizz, remember. She suggested we call in at her house, and by the time we got there (10 minutes later) the scones were going into the oven, and the kettle was boiling, so we spent a hilarious hour sitting around her kitchen table chatting, laughing and devouring those fruit scones. She is very definitely the Scone Queen around here. My waistline is very clear evidence of that. Talking about waistlines - Diana has created another crockpot delight, and it is about to be eaten. Pork and apricot. Perfect for a very cold winter's night. I do like having my children here......


My snow drops again.......just because they are so beautiful..............


Isabelle said...

That all sounds absolutely LOVELY! Happy birthday to both Missy and Diana.

Chris said...

I did miss you, my friend!

Happy, happy birthday to both your girls!

We're expecting up to 10" of snow tonight...UGH.

Becky said...

This post just made me smile from head to toe.

Needled Mom said...

So much fun going on there!!! The scones sounded delightful.

Yeah for the freezer. I'm sure you will find space and put it to good use with all of your gardening.

Isn't it great to have adult children? How long is Diana going to be home?

Happy birthday to both girls. 4 years??? It doesn't seem possible.

Stripeyspots said...

Scones. One of the great pleasures in life!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

It all sounds wonderful Linds! I'm so glad that things are working out and moving along and you are enjoying your family so much!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful times, it doesn't get much better than that does it?

Sandra said...

You took me back in time with those South African cookies...Oh my word, I miss those.

Remember the Romany Creams? *drool*

Glad to see you back :)

Anonymous said...

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