Friday, February 15, 2013

Popping in...........

It has been a strange time recently, hasn't it - the Pope resigns and that night the Vatican is hit by lightning, meteors hit the earth in Russia, and asteroids whizz by rather close to the Earth. A Paralympic/Olympic icon and international superstar finds himself in court charged with murder. Valentine's Day did not quite live up to expectations there.

My daughter celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, and I went to aquazumba yesterday. There have been trips to charity shops in search of books and other sundry finds, and the shed in the garden has been almost emptied. You do not want to know about that, believe me. However, I can assure everyone that no rodents were found, dead or alive. I still have to sort out the pile of wood in it. Some is destined for projects and the rest to burn in the chiminea, or, if I get round to making one, a firepit. And right now, I have 3 very large professional size tool boxes in the kitchen. The kind which need 4 grown men to lift.

We have a slight problem with the biggest one. It is one of those red ones, with a front cover which folds down over all the drawers and locks, only, I cannot for the life of me remember where the key to it has gone. I am sure I put it in a safe place, but I have a horrible feeling I may have tossed it out. So I need to either find it, or Make A Plan.

I am sick of Making Plans.

So tomorrow, the family is heading south for the birthday party. Missy is turning 4 on Sunday, can you believe, and we are going to have an early party. Diana, who is my resident star at the moment, is busy icing cupcakes right now. She realised that I had forgotten to start the crockpot this morning, so she made her own crockpot meal instead and it was delicious. She has took apart a bed I bought from a friend and then assembled it  in David's room, and moved everything back into the room again after vacuuming the upstairs. She and a friend of ours took the old bed to the tip, and then she entertained Bekah and the twins when they came for tea.

A star indeed.

I, on the other hand, can barely move and yes, it is all my own fault. It may take a while to get up those stairs and into the bath. So I am leaving the photos till tomorrow............


Stripeyspots said...

As far as the toolbox goes, surely a locksmith can help you? I'm not sure it's worth a moment of your anxiety. I'm glad Diana is there.

Susan said...

She IS a star -- and cupcakes too!

Isabelle said...

Yes, I've been thinking too that a lot of strange things have been happening recently. Meanwhile my blog has been about members of my family crawling through our grandson's play tunnel. Clearly I have a trivial mind.

Edith said... least you are blogging.

Good to catch up with you Linds. Have a great day!