Sunday, May 06, 2007

I love Bank Holiday weekends!

And this one has been busy so far. Just knowing we have Monday off makes all the difference. On Friday, I went to a 50th birthday party, and I have just come back now from a 60th birthday party. This is party weekend in the village, it seems. Sitting out in the garden this afternoon watching the kids and the chickens,and dogs play was great. The sun attempted to shine, but now it looks like rain, thank heavens. The allotment needs water. And I am recovering from an excess of party food. My jeans are garrotting my stomach. Groan. The chocolate tart, birthday cake etc..... oh my word. My self control was clearly left at home.

Yesterday was a day of meandering about.... to friends for tea, shopping, freinds here for tea, lying on the bed reading. (The friends were not joining in with that one!) Church this morning, and I will not be looking at work till tomorrow.

My birthday is looming on the horizon, and this afternoon, Pete and Glynis told me they are having a buffet lunch to celebrate. How lovely is that! Glynis and I are off to see Il Divo the week before, which will be wonderful. I have no problem with my age. It still amazes me when I see the numbers, but I see every year as an opportunity to have more advebtures and discover more about myself. The fact that I have a son who will be 30 next week is more disturbing. How on earth did that happen? He was a gorgeous baby just a short while ago. Now he is a gorgeous married man.

The blogging world fell silent for a while this past week, as we all waited and prayed for Heather to have her brain op. I, for one, just did not feel that anything I might have said had any importance. Her short post yesterday was just stunning. " I am still standing". How amazing is that.

Things are changing at work, and I am not sure if I am comfortable with some of the things that are happening. I was just beginning to feel more confident about what I am doing, and now all that is out the window and I have to start again in another direction. Maybe. Maybe I need to move on. I don't know. Lots to consider. I keep reminding myself that "it is just a job" and not my entire life. I need to remember not to let it take over everything. People are more important. And I need a life too. My son needs a mother. My mother needs a daughter. My friends need a friend. My sister needs a sister. I need to be me. Sigh. I am rambling again. It must be an excess of carbohydrates. And sugar.


Tomorrow is a holiday! I get to go and water the allotment. I get to stay in bed late. I can read. I can play. (I feel like Boomama's Alex, and feel I should be speaking in CAPS with exclamation marks all over the place!) I am going to have FUN!


Morning Glory said...

Long weekends with a holiday are always so fun to anticipate. It sounds like yours is going to be lovely.

I was surprised at how deeply the story with Heather's surgery touched me. I don't know her, I don't read her blog, but after reading a few posts in her archives last week, I was just stunned at her courage and faith. I know what you mean about wondering what I could have to say that was of any importance.

Penless Thoughts said...

"The fact that I have a son who will be 30 next week is more disturbing. How on earth did that happen? He was a gorgeous baby just a short while ago. Now he is a gorgeous married man."

I so relate to this, Linds. My own age doesn't bother me near as much as thinking "how in the world can I have kids this age!!". I think that's very strange we'd both react that way. I wonder if all mother's do as they age?

Glad you're getting an extra day. Enjoy!

Morning Glory said...

Me again. I just wanted to thank you for such an encouraging comment about her stepson on my daughter's blog (Walking Through Doors). I pray that someday he will realize what a wonderful dad he has.

Linda said...

Sounds like a plan to me Linds!! I am always very thankful that I don't have to go to work. I take great delight in doing the things you speak about. It is such a blessing to have a whole day stretching before you and the freedom - for the most part - to do with it as you will.
Enjoy your day off. I'm so glad you have it.

Dawn said...

I too understand what you mean about your kids getting so much older, but not feeling like we have! I'm glad you have a holiday. Enjoy!!

I also know what you mean about change - it happens so regularly at my job as well. We're all adjusting to a new records and admission system and it is the pits!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited today is the last day of my semester break and I plan on doing much of the same...with some scrapbooking on the side. I am of the same nature when it comes to any 'job'...I have a tendency to become very attached and make it 'my life'...not so much out of 'love' but out of a sense of responsibility to always give everything my to some extent it is a good thing. I am quite fortunate that I get back triple what I give at my 'job' now...I love teaching at the college level...I would never have the patience or the fortitude to teach the ages you are...I think you are doing a wonderful job in a very tough should be proud of yourself. Enjoy your day off...I know I am ;)

lori said...

Enjoy your day off.

Susie said...

Aren't long weekends the best!!
I can totally relate to your wondering how you can have a 30 yr old son. I see this sentiment echoed by other mothers here in your comments. How is this possible, when I don't feel like I'm old enough to have a child that age!!
(mine are 36 and 38!!)
Enjoy every moment of your time off!!

Crystal said...

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day off! And never mind about the piles and all the stuff that needs to be done around the house - mine is in the same state, I'm afraid! Good luck with sorting out the school stuff. I wish we could sit awhile over some tea and share stories - I think our sentiments are so very similar. Take care of yourself!