Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Part of the crossed off List

As requested, here are some of the things I have managed to cross off my list:

Weekend in Paris

Flight in a hot air balloon (the landing was a trifle bumpy!)

Been to Wimbeldon to watch the tennis

To Windsor to see a polo match (and the Queen)

To Twickenham for a rugby international

Walked down an Alp (quite a few actually)

Watched my son get married to a wonderful girl

Seen my son and daughter graduate from University

Been on a gondola in Venice

Seen the tulip fields in Holland

Heard the Vienna Boys Choir in Vienna

Read all the Thomas Hardy books (not that wonderful)

Seen Cirque du Soleil

Dug up an allotment

Flown to Scotland for the day to surprise a friend

Watched a wedding in the church from the Sound of Music

Fallen in love

Taught myself to play the guitar

Sung in the Messiah (and a lot of other things)

Built a dollshouse (a small one.... the large one is waiting for oh, maybe retirement)

Learnt how to use carpentry tools

Learnt how to make myself understood in German

Started a book club

Had my hair highlighted

Walked in a bluebell wood

Been to every cathedral in the UK

Explored Stratford-upon-Avon

Driven across Europe

Been to Covent Garden to see a ballet

Been to an opera at the Paris opera house

Planted a garden

Knitted (and worn) something


Built a study myself

Re-roofed a shed

Been on a rollercoaster (you can do a complete circuit without breathing)

Had my portrait painted. (that was not my idea)

Zoomed down an Alp on trotti bike (scooter thingy)

Redecorated my house (repeatedly)

Been to lobby MPs at Parliament

Met Wilbur Smith

Played in the Church music group

Organised a bazaar

Been to most of Western Europe

Had a manicure

As I said, some are insignificant. There are more, but at least you can see some of them. I will be sure to let you know when the defrosting of the freezer is crossed out.

Today, my son turned 30. I am the mother of a 30 year old. Me. Good grief. He is a wonderful man, and I love him to bits, and am so proud of him. (But he will always be my little baby boy.) Happy Birthday, Andrew!

This photo was taken when he was about 3. A LONG time ago! The one above was taken at his wedding 4 years ago.


Penless Thoughts said...

That's wonderful Linds! You've done a lot of really exciting things that I'll never get to do.

Dawn said...

This is a great list! Some of them I am too much of a coward to do, but others make me very envious!

I just discovered that you tagged me - I just did the list today, because two others tagged me as well, so now that's done. I don't think I could do such a list of things I want to do, because I tend to be WAY too contented doing what I do. My husband, now, that's a different story. His wish list could fill a book.

PEA said...

Well I must say you sure have done a lot of wonderful things so far in your life!! Zoomed down the Alp on a scooter thingy eh? Gulp!! I'd love to visit the UK and completely explore it like you did!xox

Morning Glory said...

I love your list of accomplishments! It's just so cool to me that you live in a place where you can get to some of those places so much easier than I can. You've had a marvelous life, Linds.

Happy birthday to your son!

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed the pictures of your son and also his lovely bride. Thanks for posting them.

Crystal said...

Oh, my, gosh!! Our son turned 30 this year too - another commonality for the two of us! I too wonder where the years have gone but then I look at all the studying he's done and the job he has, and I know he has to be that old. And I have added all those years on to me too - no '39 and holding' for me, thank you very much!!

I love your list - you are one well traveled lady!

Hungry Hippo said...

I love that photo of Andrew

meggie said...

Lovely post, lovely pics of your son. You have certainly 'lived' a lot of life!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your son Linds!! The pictures are very nice - an adorable little boy and handsome young man.
Your list is incredible. There are so many things you've done I can only dream of doing. Good for you!!

Heidi said...

Awesome list!!! Happy birthday to your boy, ah I mean Man!

I posted the meme you tagged me for, fun!!!