Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More bits and pieces

There have been moments in the past 3 days when I have actively considered starting to build an Ark. We had more rain in one day than usually falls in a month. And it has not stopped. (Well, to be accurate, it is not actually raining this precise moment, but 5 mins ago was a different story!)

I had a great birthday, and our breakfast with the babes was followed by lunch with my friends. Pete and Glynis had asked my closest friends to lunch, and it was such good fun! And lovely to have time to chat to everyone and catch up. So I was thoroughly spoilt. And talking about being spoilt, my children have got together and have bought me a new camera! I haven't got it yet, but it should arrive this week. I was SO excited, as the old one is deader than dead. It is no more. It is an ex-camera. And I miss having it at hand all the time, so I was so thrilled to hear I will soon be snapping again. Rest assured, you will all be seeing the results.

I had a stream of lovely calls from friends and family too, so it was a good day. Very good.

Today I was up early and decided to get the calls to the Coroner and hospitals out of the way, and the only news I have is that the file has finally gone to the Coroner for review, and if he is satisfied that enough information is there, he will set a date. Probably not before September. But I will be so glad when I get a date sorted. This is the sort of thing it is easier to do during breaks from school. It took all morning, and my head was exploding afterwards. I need to sort lawyers for the inquest too. It is almost a year since Geoff died. Just days really.

So - I have been able to cross a couple of things off the list. The tennis is on in Paris, so that is good to watch. On TV. You do not want to hear about embroidery machines and overlockers and taking mother shopping. I have been given brussels and purple sprouting brocoli for the allotment, and will go and plant them as soon as there is a break in the rain. I am a fair weather gardener! Tomato plants are also here, but will be planted in my garden I think. You cannot see my kitchen at the moment. All my plants for the baskets, tubs and allotment are all over the place. Pending. It will get done!

I love holidays and a little more time to relax, and do the things I need to do. And, hopefully, a couple I really want to do too.


Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday. A new camera - wonderful!! Thanks again for taking so much time with my Guest Book but you are finally there and I so wanted you there Linds :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish it would rain here!!!!

Dawn said...

I am so happy you're getting a new camera - I love mine that I got for Christmas. We've had drenching rain today, very unusual for us. And sad because relatives are here and brought a visitor to Colorado for the first time, and their hike was pretty much a "wash out." Ha.

Kev and I have finished Chapter 9 - it seems like it should keep going. But the story definitely will - it is a beginning. Come on by if you have a few minutes (well, actually, mine is quite long!)

Linda said...

Sounds like your holiday has been a good one. Great gift - a new camera!! I've been dropping hints for one myself. We don't have a digital and I feel sort of left out when it comes to posting pictures.
I know exactly how you feel trying to get all the legal things straightened out. Why do they make things so difficult?
We had days of rain too, but it was a sunny day today. Enjoy the rest of your holiday Linds.
Happy Birthday again!!

Morning Glory said...

What a cheery post. There's nothing like a well-celebrated birthday to lift the spirits. I'm glad it was so wonderful and hooray for the camera! Can't wait to start seeing photos again.

Crystal said...

I'm looking forward to seeing photos very soon!! I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday and that many tasks are getting taken care of while you are off school. Only 20 more days with students here!!

meggie said...

If only we could take some of your rain!!
Be very kind to yourself!
Make sure you do some things you REAllY WANT to do!!
It is to be quite cold here, & ...I am SO looking forward to it!