Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here it is

The studio/sewing room is finished. Well, the contents of the cupboard still needs to be transferred but hey, it is nearly done. I can't fit all my things into the very limited storage space I have, and the only solution would be to use the deck as well, which would be great, but I need the queen size bed up there for when the kids come to visit, so I will have to put up with it.

The study is lined with bookcases, and this is the overflow!
You can see what I mean about the deck. It works so well, and up there at the back, there is a row of cupboards which I have not been into for 9 years. It is on the "to do" list, and I clearly do not need to keep anything in them, or I would have made a plan before now. I am in two minds about whether to paint the stairs. I think I should, looking at the photos.....any opinions?
Those enormous bookcases. I could do with more, but as you can see, have nowhere to put them. Sigh.
It is light, bright and lovely. I am pleased with it. Space for me, and those who know me will appreciate how desperate I have been for space of my own.

So, there you are. The finished room. I am now in the middle of painting the shower room. I thought the door to the studio looked a little jaded, and so I painted it, and that made the shower door look dire, so I painted that, and then I did the inside of the door, and that made the medicine cupboard look awful, so I did that and then the walls..... you get the picture. This was not on the list.

David is off on a Biology field trip this week, and came home with a list of required items. Most of which he did not have. Finding UK size 14 wellie boots is not simple. I suggested bin liners tied round his legs, and he was less than amused. So the last 3 days have involved much searching and, thankfully, finding. Waterproof trousers. Stuff. Anyway, he is now equipped and is off on Tuesday at 5am. Thankyouverymuch. I will be dropping him at school while half asleep.

I start work tomorrow. I am not sure why, but I have a strange feeling about this. No reason, just a very ambivalent feeling. I have no idea where it comes from. I have never had this before, and I am not sure what it means. There is more of me which wants to say no thank you than there is which wants to get in there and get started, and that is odd for me.

Perhaps because there are still so many things up in the air and unfinished and I can't get past them yet and now will have no time, and that makes it a long-drawn-out process. It feels like I will never get to the stage where I can just move forward in a way. I don't know. But right now part of me wants to walk in tomorrow and say thanks but no thanks. Really weird.

It has been cold and damp and distinctly wintery this week. And now I am off to make some cakes for David to take with him this week. Cinnamon cake. Maybe I will make one for us too.


Kelli said...

It looks amazing, Linds! You deserve TWO cinnamon cakes. Three, even,

Praying that tomorrow gives you answers, and peace. And a giggle or two.

Angie said...

Your room looks great, very organized. And I say paint the are on a roll with the paint anyway!

Hope you feel better about the new job once you get there.

Susan said...

The finished room is great. I chuckled about the additional painting. Isn't that always the way!!!

Will be curious about the job after your comments today.

zztop357 said...

I say don't paint the stairs...The room has a busy look to it and the wooden stairs kind of stand out as they are.You may not notice them if they are painted....I love the look you have created as is.
Take care and God bless.

Barbara said...

Wow Linds you have really made use of space. Did you, b y that I mean your family, put the upper deck in or did you inherit that? You have made a great job of it. I'm inclinded to think the same as the above comment - leave the steps as they are.
Regarding the scanning of transparencies.
My son bought a special piece of equipment as he loves photography and wanted to scan negatives as he uses an ordinary camera as well as his digital. It is a "Plustek Optic Film 7200" and costs just over £100. It scans 2 transparencies into your computer at a time and they come up as photos. Hugs

meggie said...

Oh I love your 'new' room. Good for you, getting some space for you at last.
It all looks so airy & fresh. I think I might leave the stairs as a sort of feature too.

Your relucatance for the new job may be because you have just created your new space, & you need time to enjoy it all. Just a thought. It is always daunting to get out of our comfort zones, & look over the side of our ruts!
Good luck!

Judith said...

If I ever got that organized, I would copyright me, and sell shares. You must have enormous energy, or at least determination.
Love and God Bless, and Merry Christmas.

Judith said...

P. S., I didn't know you were starting a new job. Could be it's just first day jitters, but soon you will know if it wasn't a good choice, and it's alright to change your mind, if you need to.

someone else said...

Wow, your new room setup is really nice. I like how light it all looks. What a project -- but well worth it.

Good luck with your first day of work. I truly hope all goes well for you.

Michelle (wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman) said...

What a cherry, charming space!
My bookcases overflow, too. My husband has made me promise not to buy any more books until I've read the ones I have! What?!? He just doesn't undertand :)
I have been good, but am asking for Barnes & Noble giftcards from EVERYONE for Christmas!
Enjoy your space, and I also pray you enjoy your new job.

Crystal said...

Your studio/sewing room is wonderful! I love the bookshelves with all their colorful books. I hope you have many opportunities to enjoy hours of creating here!!

I'm going to make your cake for my confirmation class to try on Wednesday. I was just wondering what I should bake so thanks for sharing the idea.

Good luck at work. I'll be thinking of you and praying that you can do what your heart is telling you to. ((( HUGS )))

Barb said...

I love the way this turned out, Linds. I totally love the whole bright clean look and I can see why you wouldn't mess with that deck. It's great.

My opinion? I'd definitely paint the ladder to the deck white.

It's all so lovely. Great job!