Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The mess.... continued

It gets worse before it gets better.

The mess. Oh my word. It is indescribable, and I lose the will to live when I walk into the chaos. I need my sister and Barb to arrive NOW to sort it out. I (Me. Alone. Singular. Stupid) heaved the piano across the room. Well, I exaggerate just a touch... about 5 feet. That meant I could get the old trusty Dyson out and clean behind it. And then dismember the desk and reassemble it in the space where the piano was. And then I flopped in the rocking chair and contemplated my toes and wondered what had possessed me to start in the first place. And had a snooze.

And today I have to defrost my fridge/freezer as the new one arrives tomorrow and the old one must be dry, said the man, who is also taking it away to dump. Which means that my kitchen is also going to be turned upside down to facilitate the removal /installation process. Oh what bliss. I did say it gets worse.

I did go to the doctor yesterday to check on the fingers, and he does not think they are broken, but they are damaged. And should be strapped. I did strap them, but took it off later when it drove me nuts. You do not want to know how it attached itself to the toast I was eating and started unravelling......

The good news is that David got an excellent report back from the teachers and I was delighted. And his uni application forms have been submitted. Tick the box. He is going to study forensic biology. As in molecular biology. Hmmm. He is unusual in that he is studying the 3 sciences for A levels, and yet writes beautifully. He has written a couple of books and has had a publisher suggest he finds an agent. And yet there is the obsession with science. It is rare to find the two opposites together. And his biology teacher mentioned with a smile that he needs to work on NOT making the biological facts sound more beautiful that they are! Not something she is used to having to say. An interesting child.

Right. I can put off the evil moment no longer, she says, flexing the muscles. The fridge awaits.

Heave ho, me hearties!!!!!!!


Penless Thoughts said...

He is going to study forensic biology. As in molecular biology.

WOW and good for him!!!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for your comment, Linds and that gentle reminder :o) You are indeed a wonderful friend.

Dawn said...

I am so glad your finger is not broken, but sometimes a break is better than a serious sprain - ask me about my left foot sometime!

YOu need to stop moving around heavy stuff by yourself! YOu're going to hurt your back and knees too!

I am dreading the day when we dig into the mess in our basement (which my sweet husband keeps threatening as our SAturday activity - I want to wait till some yucky wet, snowy day when being outside is not a temptation).

It will be worth it, right??

Morning Glory said...

You're making me tired, too, but you're also making me laugh. What were you thinking moving a piano by yourself??

Your son sounds brilliant! Good for him.

Bev said...

Good night! I'm trying to catch up with you, and the photos of all youre doing makes me want to take a long nap! And all that with a bum finger too. Wow!

Susie said...

Good grief! You're heaving a piano around by yourself. You need to take care of that back as it's the only one you have!!
Glad the fingers aren't broken, but as Dawn says, sometimes a sprain is worse than a break.
You must be very proud of your son. He sounds brilliant!
Now take care of yourself!!!

Crystal said...

You are totally inspiring me to deal with some moving and sorting issues! But I have no intentions of moving pianos by myself! Be careful, okay? What great news for David - you never know how the writing and the science connection will develop. Sometimes the strangest things . . . .

And a new fridge sounds marvelous - enjoy!

Barbara said...

I do hope that you are not over doing it.
Congratulations to David.