Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am starting to get used to the new look, but I have to say that it doesn't feel like home yet.

Today is a real autumn day, and we have had it all...sun, wind, torrential rain (as I was taking Mum to have her flu jab of course) and tonight there is the possibility of a storm surge (sea) off the East Coast. I know that Norfolk and Suffolk are on alert, and so is the Netherlands. It could be the worst sea surge since the 1950s. Apparently it takes a combination of special circumstances to happen, and flooding could be widespread and bad. But then, maybe it won't happen. We will know at 7am tomorrow. I am nowhere near the sea, thankfully.

You will be pleased to know that I am actually sewing again. I am in the middle of my secret Christmas project, and I am really enjoying watching it develop. It is sort of evolving in my head as I go along. We have a wonderful patchwork shop here in the village, and I have called in twice this week to chat and pat the fabric. I needed some special thread, and resisted the urge to buy anything else.

The shops are full of Christmas things here now and before I know it, it will be time to haul out the tree and decorations. And think about all the things I should have been making over the year. Sigh. I am definitely scaling down the gifts this year, and focussing on things I make. That is the way it used to be, and somehow it got a little out of hand over the years.

My sister has suggested that I convert one of my downstairs rooms into a place for me. Like a studio/playroom. For me. This will mean chopping up an enormous dark oak cupboard which once belonged to my grandparents. It is huge, but I think I can make it into a work-surface, and storage unit for some of my machines etc. First, though, it will have to be emptied. Heaven knows what is in it. It is massive. I will post photos as I start the transformation. Changing the room will also mean moving the piano as well. It weighs a ton. And thankfully I have an extremely strong son in residence! If the weather is still foul over the weekend, it will be a good time to start. Watch this space!


Penless Thoughts said...

The studio/playroom sounds like a wonderful idea!

CONNIE W said...

I changed my blog template a while back from the harbor to another one and it took me some time to get accustomed to the new look too. In fact, I changed back for a few days but reconsidered and then changed once again to the "new" template and there I remain. It just didn't feel right the first time. Good luck on the studio. Years ago I sewed in the kitchen. When I finally tired of having to put the machine away and get it out to use it I decided it was time for a room dedicated to sewing and crafting. I find that I get more things made by having a permanent set-up.

Morning Glory said...

I love home projects like that and will be looking forward to seeing what you do.

Lori said...

Hey, I like your new place!

I've also been trying to get some Christmas shopping done. I'm trying to cut back this year also, but it's so hard especially when you have so many to get for. I wish I was crafty enough just to make things myself, but I'm afraid I would have a lot of people looking at their handmade gifts wondering what it is!

A space just for you sounds wonderful!! I don't have that here. Not right now at least.

Crystal said...

I hear you on the Christmas gifts projects! Our big fabric store had a 50% off everything sale last weekend so I purchased some stuff and last night I preshrunk some fabric. I'm looking forward to the sewing but first I have an accounting job that must be done. And when one has 4 children, 4 significant others, 2 granddaughters, 4 parents, . . . . . - well, you know what happens!

Good luck with creating a space just for you. It's the in-between stage that I'm not crazy about but keep your eye on the goal. It will be great to see what you come up with!

Linda said...

I thought of you immediately when I heard the report on the news this morning. I pray it all just misses land altogether.
I love your idea for scaling down and making things. I'm working toward that too. We all stand around scratching our heads when asked what we would like for Christmas. Perhaps we already have all that we need? And handmade gifts are very special.
I'll be looking forward to you new project!!

Dawn said...

Well, hubby mentioned the dirty words "clean the basement" last night. I much prefer to wait for a yucky day like you're describing! Not the crazy 70 degrees plus we've been having.

We leave for Hawaaii on Dec. 7 so I'm trying to figure out how in the world I'm going to get all the decorating done, shopping and wrapping done, and some entertaining all before that and after Thanksgiving. A friend suggested gift cards for everyone and I'm seriously thinking about it!

meggie said...

That studio playroom sounds like the perfect project to keep you busy! I would love to be able to do something like that.. too little space!
Glad you have found your sewing mojo again.

Susie said...

I think a room of your own sounds fabulous! Be sure and take pictures :)

Isabelle said...

A room of one's own... how wonderful.

Do you ever get that dream when you open a cupboard in your house -or what you thought was a cupboard - and find that there's a whole new room you never knew was there? That's my own-room dream!

Louise@theLightHouse said...

Go for it girl!