Monday, November 19, 2007

There is light at the end of the tunnel of mess

Well, that didn't last long. There was no snow left by morning, much to my son's disgust. About 4 inches fell, which is a lot for here. Once upon a time we used to get heavy snowfalls in winter, but global warming has put a stop to that it seems.

The studio is still "getting there". I have spent today moving the contents of cupboards about, and the mess seems to rise expontentially. And the recycling wheelie bin is nearly full, and so is the car with all the things for the charity shops and the tip. I really do need a driver to go back and forth as I fling the stuff out the front door. I have not got the energy. And it takes a while to get moving, as I am stiff and aching from all the moving, lifting and all the rest. I was perched on top of the bookcases this morning drilling holes in the wall to screw on the brackets to stop them falling over. Then up a ladder, moving paintings. We have enough paintings to fill an art gallery. In fact, I am looking at a row of them stacked in the kitchen as I am writing this. Houses in South Africa were at least double the size of this one, and in fact, Mum's was probably 5 times the size.

The good news is that I can actually walk through the kitchen. And I can see some chairs. It is the small things that count here.

I have masses of reels of ribbons, and am off to get some rod tomorrow, because I have put up some hooks, and will thread the reels on to the rod and attach it to the hooks. So I won't have to rummage for the ribbon I need. That is the theory anyway. Louise has suggested that I hang some of my quilts from the railings on the deck. I may just do that. After I have painted them.

Ah well..... hopefully I will get it finished soon.

I just remembered - I have canes outside for the garden. I can use them to hold the ribbon. I am in a frugal mode! Lateral thinking. That's what I need!


Chris said...

My friend, you make me tired just reading all you're accomplishing!

I can't even get the hallway wallpapered, and you're rearranging and rennovating the entire world. You put me to shame!

Can't wait to see pictures of the "after" when it's finally done.

Carole Burant said...

It's no wonder you're sore all over, with all you've been doing lately! We always seem to think that remodeling a room will be a cinch...then reality sets in! lol We've had some snow flurries but nothing that has stayed on the ground yet....last year we had our first big snowfall on Nov. 12th so we're late this year. Now that I've said that, watch it snow tonight! lol You take care of yourself and remember to put your feet up once in a while:-) xox

someone else said...

You have been awfully busy! I'm not surprised you're all stiff and sore. But it sounds like things are beginning to get sorted out. I like your ribbon on the rod idea.

Dawn said...

So - when you're done over there, hope on a plane and come over here and we'll tackle my place and chat up a storm and drink tea while we work. Sounds lovely!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you can find your kitchen! Or better yet, eat out like Morning Glory is going to do.

Crystal said...

And when finished at Dawn's, just head north and I'll be glad to follow any and all directions you have to give me!! You are truly an inspiration! I can't wait to see your new space :))