Saturday, February 06, 2010

A droplet of ice.....

The snow fell again all night, and this morning, I sat down to check my emails and looked out of the window, and saw this.
Just look at the intricacy of those flakes of snow, frozen for a brief moment in time. How does that ice droplet stay in place? What is holding it up? Can it possibly be that microdot of ice above it? Why doesn't the weight of the ice below make it fall?
Look...... How can it be?

And then I shift the focus my eyes back from the tiny droplet to the whole panorama in front of me, and think of all those miniscule flakes of snow, so many of them, all totally unique, combining to make up this white world at this very moment. On every tree, branch, twig, blade of grass, railing, fence, ...trillions and zillions. All unique. How often do I just see the whiteness, and not consider how it is made up? The Designer is in the business of miracles. Even tiny ones only His eye can see.

15 minutes later...... it is still there. That droplet.



Edith said...

Beautiful pictures. Neat perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Vee said...

Wonderful looks like the finest jewelry.

Crystal said...

"The Designer is in the business of miracles" - so, so true! Love your words and your photography again today :)) Have a lovely weekend!