Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home again.....

Some things don't change, do I am at home again, sitting in my coat while I write on a keyboard which is no longer familiar to me. The "y" and the "z" are back in the right places, but my fingers or brain don't remember that any more. And all the puncuation marks are in different places too, so it feels strange and very unfamiliar.

And the white stuff is falling here too, only here it is not settling, and the sun comes and goes, and all that is familiar is the cold. Only the cold here is accompanied by wind which freezes the bones.

The trip home was relatively uncomplicated. It still meant getting up at 4.30am to start the bus / train(s) / plane trip back, and believe me, I am a wreck by the end of it all. I walked miles. Miles, I tell you. Jean, bless her, was there waiting for me, and she brought me home, and we had time to catch up on all the news.

And today I am having a quiet day. I was up all night with cramp in my leg, and this morning popped in to see the nurse to make sure there was nothing like blood clots there to complicate life. For the first time, they saw me having a really bad day. I was too tired to even attempt bright and cheerful and optimistic. Absolutely the opposite, in fact. She and the doctor sent me home to rest, after watching my leg pulse for a while. It looked hilarious. Or would have if I had been in the mood. A residue of the cramp, apparently. It looked as though it had things living under the skin. Aliens.

And I did not mention my clumsiness, did I.... I knocked over my coffee late on Monday night. All over my camera, which went crazy. Opened and shut and wouldn't operate or switch off. Marge and I dried it out as best we could, and then left it on the shelf over the radiator for the night. It closed so I could pack it, but I have yet to see if it is usable. My beloved camera. Groan.

Leaving is always hard for me. But stuff has to be done, and some things can't be done from there. Like hospital appointments, meetings etc.

Oh.... the car. I got in and started it to see if it would go, and it did. And so I went for a short drive. I got to the end of the road, braked, and it sounded if the whole thing was about to blow up. Clanking and grinding and decidely unhealthy sounds. I got out to check the wheels had not fallen off or developed punctures. Nothing. So I drove very slowly home again, without touching the brakes. And called The Man Who Fixes My Car. He laughed and said he had had dozens of calls re the same thing in recent weeks. Rust build up on the discs when cars are not driven in this dreadful weather. The cure is to drive it. Right. So I am the one with the noisy car, although it is sounding slightly less alarming already. I could do without all this, let me tell you.

No more mountains outside the window. But the spring bulbs are coming up all over the garden. I planted hundreds. There is a lot out there which needs to be chopped back too. Dead bits from last year. No more germlish, although I couldn't remember some english words after only using German ones. It took a while. No more lots of things.......

So today I am very very tired, and a little sad too. And I can sit on the couch and wallow, because that is allowed. Tomorrow is time enough for other stuff.

But I will be back there again very soon.


Needled Mom said...

I am glad to read that you are back home - safely! What a long day of travel it was for you. It is not wonder you were having your issues with your leg.

I am sure there is much to catch up on now that you are back home. Take it easy and take it slowly!!

Hope the camera still works. I would hate to not see all of your wonderful pictures.

Crystal said...

All I can send is my love, big hugs and many prayers! Remember He is there with you. Go slowly and pray constantly :)

Butterfly Mama said...

Linds I'm sending love and hugs and prayers too. God is faithful and he will lift you up!

Much love,

Chris said...

I know this sounds strange, but I'm so glad you're back home. I've...missed you. Which is silly since you've been posting right along, but it seems you post differently when you're away than you do when you're home.


At any rate, welcome home.

Did Mum stay there? And how is she?

Dawn said...

OH, my, it made me tired and sad just to read this. I am sorry you're having such a tough time. Re-entry is always difficult!

I sure hope your camera's okay - but if not, at least your memory card with the pictures!

Unknown said...

It may be too late to utilize this and I don't know if would work for a camera, but we've been told when a cell phone gets wet, to remove the battery and cover the phone with uncooked rice. The rice absorbs the moisture.

How is your mom? Is she still with your sister? I hope she's getting better every day.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

No wonder you're tired and out of sorts after all that journey, then the leg cramps and settling back in at home. Such an adjustment each time you travel, both at home and in Switzerland. It must be so hard to be torn between wanting, needing to be at home and in Switzerland too, all at the same time.

Hope you feel better soon, both emotionally and physically.

Love and hugs,


Mary said...

Hello my lovely.

Edith said...

Welcome is always an adjustment. Sorry it's so much more difficult this time.


Vee said...

Don't wallow too long, Linds. Treat yourself to your own welcome home party and invite a few friends. Quick transitions are always so unsettling and the let-down can make one feel sad. But, I know this, those mountains are always with you...just close your eyes and see them any time you need to. Am praying that the leg settles down and quits giving you furhter troubles. Thinking of you...