Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday in point form....

  • Missy, the star, is WALKING! Properly, across the room. The child is clearly a genius.
  • I have succumbed to the dreaded lurgy, and feel like death. Well, that is a little over the top. I have a cold and my head feels as though it weighs a ton. As I have managed to avoid all colds and illness all winter, I suppose it was inevitable. Maybe also because I had managed to keep going through the Swiss thing, and Missy's birthday and now the system has decided to take a rest. Overload. Whatever. I have the tissues, and closely resemble Rudolf, and the couch and I are bonding yet again. We will not mention the coughing and spluttering.
  • The snow needs to stop and leave. Now. Snow every night is not an option. And the cold must go too. I want it to be spring, and warm. Last night I was wearing half my wardrobe, topped by scarf, gloves, and the fleece poncho thing. I waddled. Sitting under the blanket with 2 recession heaters on my lap. And yes, the heating was on.
  • Tulips on the kitchen table are food for the soul.
  • I washed a red towel and a white towel in the washing machine at the same time. I now have a pink towel. Perfect for Easter, you say? Hmmm. It would be, except for the fact that it has "Merry Christmas" embroidered in red on it. Maybe I can sew a red line through the "Christmas" and embroider "Easter" instead. Oh good grief, I think I may be delirious.
  • I feel like baking Ree's Apple Dumplings. I have all the ingredients. I know this because I just got up and checked. However, there is the danger that I may eat the entire batch, which totals at about 49zillion calories, and the hips absolutely could not accomodate that.
  • I don't have any icecream to go with it. Therefore I would need to make some. And see the point above, would have to eat the lot.....hips etc etc.
  • My daughter has booked her tickets home for April for her sabbatical. Sigh. Now that makes me smile. She is coming via LA and going back via Vancouver! But we won't think about the going back bit yet.
  • Missy's hat collection is growing to ridiculous proportions. My sister found a pattern on the internet and I have adapted it to suit what I had around and the hat I had in mind, and it is so cute. Maybe I will post the pattern when I have the energy. Another item on the "to do" list!
  • I need to step away from this computer, because I am coming perilously close to hitting the buy now button on my Amazon basket. The one filled with dreams, which I have no intention of buying. It must be the head cold. It is making me want to do strange things.
  • My car is going for its MOT test either today or tomorrow. A few prayers that it will pass without major problems would be good. In the UK, all cars over 3 years old need to pass the test every year or they are taken off the road.
  • My coffee is cold and needs replenishing. Excuse me while I go and shiver on the couch and mope.


Needled Mom said...

Oh no! I can definitely see why your body is begging for a break with all that you have been through, but a vacation would seem more beneficial than a cold. Hope it is short and you are up and going again soon.

I love watching babies when they first learn to walk - soooo cute! She is definitely a genius!

Hoping that your car will pass. We have a similar law here in CA. It targets the older cars and therefore has a real impact on those who cannot afford a newer car.

Morning Glory said...

Missy must be a beautiful sight toddling across the room. I love to see babies learn to do that.

Maybe in your crocheting frenzy (that's what I call my efforts these days) you could crochet doll clothes for Missy to play with when she gets older.

When I read the bit about Diana coming home, I smiled too. For you!

Dawn said...

A sabbatical - how wonderful! How long will she get to stay?

Does Missy like to wear hats? The littles don't, and they look so cute for the moment they do have them on.

Everybody has colds! It is worldwide - really not fun.

Take care of yourself, friend, and try to stay warm!

Janine (txmomx6) said...

Here's hoping that you recover quickly and are able to stop bonding with the sofa!
I hope to see pictures of Missy wearing the hat!!
Thinking of you .....