Saturday, April 24, 2010

A complicated life.....

Today has been a day when my mind has gone awol. Too many things in there jostling for attention. Too many thoughts. Too many. And they were running rampant without my permission. There are days like that and today has been one. Sigh. My life is complicated, and I wish it could be simple sometimes. Time for the "too hard basket" as my friend Linds says. (The other Linds in NZ.) Climb in and pull the lid back in place and curl up and suck your thumb time. Metaphorically, of course. It seems I am not superwoman after all. That is a pity. I could do with the superwoman bit at the moment.

So I was sitting in the garden trying to sift through the warring images up there in the head when a friend arrived, and asked if the kettle was on. Perfect. So we sat in the garden in the sun, on those nice new chairs, and chatted the afternoon away with tea and coffee at hand. Just what I needed to do. The timing could not have been better. And there was laughter too.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, and sometimes it is so hard to see how the pieces can all fit together. Neatly. Correctly. Especially when the pieces are people, and lives and responsibilities. I have come to realise that I really can't do it all. I can't actually do much, if I am honest. Not now. The spirit is willing, but even the spirit gets weary at times. But then, maybe I am trying to make a picture I can see and want, instead of letting the pieces fall where they are meant to go according to a picture I am not privy to yet. Maybe I am trying to play God here. Trying to make life fit MY way. Bigger sigh. You just had a glimpse of the warring mind. Enough.


The sun has shone all day, and it has been warm and beautiful out there in the garden. Everything is springing to life, and the colours are so lovely. The squirrels are not lovely. They have started digging up all my pots and seedlings again, and I have tried to net most of the garden. The washing dried in the sun today, and it smells of the outdoors. Beautiful. No sign of the mouse/mice today. I have also crocheted enough stars to decorate the heavens. And there are chocolate biscuits in the house.

And the quilt is finished.

It is big. Queen-size. 5ft 6" bed size. The most important part is that David loves it. So that is good.
Now it is time for the couch, and some tv or maybe my book. Bookclub is here on Monday and I have yet to get the books. Never mind read them. Oh well.
I hope you are all having a lovely peaceful weekend!


Janine (txmomx6) said...

The quilt is SO lovely, Linds!!!!

Crystal said...

The quilt is just gorgeous! And so big! I'm glad David loves it - and will always have this treasure you made for him. It's not colorful here yet but the grass is greening and the leaves are coming out. I noticed blossom buds on the apple tree but it's really too early. Forecast is for 0 degrees tonight. Off to plant some potatoes anyway! I hope you are resting and just being this evening :))

Becky said...

A mind at war is not a good thing. I hope you sleep well tonight.

The quilt is so beautiful. You make the such amazing creations!

Lisa Marie said...

Linds the quilt is Lovely! Well done and David will treasure it forever.

Vee said...

That quilt is beyond fantastic! No wonder David loves it. I'm actually so happy that he does because sons sometimes...well, sometimes they just don't get it and that yours that boy and I've never met him.

And, yes, yes, yes, I think we get into so many of our messes trying to play God. Such control freaks we humans's impossible! Well, except for Him.

So God sent along a friend to sit the afternoon away with sipping coffee and tea and munching cookies. Someone to laugh with and talk with. You've made it all sound so wonderful that I do think you need to write a book.

Linda said...

Linds, the quilt is absolutely beautiful. You do such lovely work. I dream of one day having a blue/white bedroom in the house we hope to build. I just love the combination.
Perhaps, in time, the pieces of your life you are struggling to put in some sort of order will all fall into place just like your lovely quilt. After all - the Master Quilter is working on it.

Jane said...

Love the quilt, it's beautiful. I'm living with two master control freaks so I've learnt to let things go and sneak others in under the wire! Looking too far ahead or imagining the future is dispiriting, so I've also learnt to live in the moment - but I can still hope that things will change, eventually.