Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sun, flowers and little frustration too...

Sod's law. Today we have SUN. And today my leg has gone on strike. I have Things I Want To Do. And Stuff I Want to Try. And Places I Want To Be.


I need more coffee.

This has been a quiet week - I have spent time making calls for my friend, crocheting another hat, doing a great deal of sleeping in unintentional places at ridiculous times. Like the couch. Taking care of Officialdom. And eating the remaining apple dumplings. They re-heat really well, by the way.

It has been really cold, and today is apparently the start of 3 days of warmer weather. I have plans. I want to plant stuff. Fill more pots. However, it is not going to be today. David will be home in a few days. I will have a list ready. The camellia bush is full of buds, and they are starting to open - just look how beautiful the flowers are this year. In a few days the whole bush will be a riot of colour!

I saw some lovely garden chairs on offer recently, and my mother and sister said they would give them to me for my birthday (which is a long way off ), and so I attempted assembling them a couple of days ago.

Yes. Well.

I will never complain about Ikea furniture assembly instructions - they are clear, understandable and readable. These chairs are not from Ikea. And there is one tiny diagram written in miniscule spidery font, which I defy anyone to interpret. But I had the parts on top of the kitchen table and sallied forth. Then Margaret popped in for tea, and I dropped a rubber washer. Could I find it??? That would be no. I searched for hours. And did they provide extras???? Of course not. So I ended up using a plumbing washer instead. I am a master of invention and making do. Winging it.

They are assembled. And 3 people have tried sitting in them and they are still assembled. As in, no-one has ended up on the floor. The little table which came with the set was a nightmare. I assembled it, following the dodgy instructions, and it was all wonky, and twisted, and definitely not square, so I had to release all the bolts a little until the glass top would fit in, and then try to tighten them "blind" - without turning it upside down (and breaking the glass) just by feel alone. I think that may need more attention before I actually put anything like a feather on top of it. I have no idea why they could not just come assembled. Assembled would be very good indeed. I am a fan of assembled stuff.

Of course, the weather has been so awful that they are still in the middle of my kitchen in an attractive fashion. They need to be out there in the sun so I can go and sit on one and relax. And make more plans.

Tomorrow is the last day of the period of notice from work. So from Saturday, I will have no connection with the school. A new era dawns.


Dawn said...

Your flowers are beautiful - I am finally getting one daffodil to brave the elements and show its lovely face.

Sorry about THE leg! I hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine. We have some coming out at this moment and I sure hope there's some warmth that comes with it!

Needled Mom said...

That camellia is just a stunning color. I wonder if all of the cold weather had some impact on it doing so well this year.

I hope the leg gets better soon so you can get out there and do that gardening.

No picture of the garden set that you built????? I'll bet it looks great and it is always good that they are still together after use!!!!

Vee said...

Did you say that David was coming home? Won't he love putting the table and chairs right? Men love to straighten out the messes we gals get ourselves into, right? Ha! Oh your camellia is so lovely. At first, I thought it was a rose.

Becky said...

Amazing camellia!

I hope you'll post pictures of the new table/chairs set.