Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter weekend......

Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen!

The weekend has gone by in a flash. Good Friday means hot cross buns for breakfast - a family tradition. Toasted, with butter melting on them.

Good Friday was a grey and cold day. Wet too. Very much how Good Friday feels inside me, remembering the huge sacrifice made because of love alone.

So I baked Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings. And had to go out and deliver two thirds of them to friends immediately, to prevent myself from eating all 12. They were, in the words of Matt, Glynis's son, sensational. I overdid them a trifle, but that made NO DIFFERENCE at all. They were delicious. I also made homemade icecream, so we will not discuss the state of the hips.

And then I went to Peter and Glynis for a wonderful supper on Friday night - salmon. My favourite fish. I can't remember ever eating anything but fish on Good Friday. Just lovely to share a great meal with special friends. Jean was there too, with her son, Chris.

On Saturday, after staying up very very late on Friday night in an effort to finish quilting the quilt for Saturday, I managed to sew on some of the many buttons I intended sewing onto said quilt, and then left to go to Andrew and Ann's home because David turned 21.
And when your baby turns 21, you have to be there. Ann had decorated the house, and David was wearing the required badge, and he had a wonderful day. Andrew collected him from his uni in the morning, timing his arrival to make sure Diana's surprise grocery delivery for David had been delivered first. She arranged for a birthday cake and other assorted treats to be delivered on his birthday. How special was that!

The birthday cake in all its glory!

And it was delicious! He loved the quilt I made for his birthday, but I have it home again to finish the buttons. I have holes in my fingers. isn't it amazing how the needle always finds one of the holes, every stitch you sew????? Sigh. I will post photos when I have finished it completely.

The birthday boy. Man. My baby.

Lindt bunnies under Ann's Easter tree. Today is Easter Sunday, and we all walked to church around the corner from where they live - a wonderful Easter service. And home for the bunnies to meet their end. More deliciousness.......

Missy was on top form. She is dancing, standing on her head (see above) and jumping. Or trying too. We were curled up laughing at her efforts to get the head, the knees and the feet to work together, but she did clear the floor twice. What a little performer she is - she now walks with a hand on the hip at times. Priceless. I don't think she stops for a second. Up and down - constant movement. And she bends double and roars with laughter. So many changes in just a couple of weeks. She has also discovered chocolate. She had a tiny Lindt bunny's ears very firmly in her mouth after lunch. She loved it. Just a nibble, mind you, but she could not be left out. And the helium filled balloon was her favourite toy of the moment. Endless fun on a string.

And then I came home. And filled the greenhouse with pots ready to plant things. Now it is flopping time, but flopping with a grin firmly in place. David had a lovely birthday, and his brother, sister-in-law, and sister made it really special for him. And I have a day to relax tomorrow.

I will be back.........


Lisa Marie said...

Happy Easter to you Linds, be sure to show us a photo of the Birthday Quilt!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful week-end. I can hardly wait to see the quilt.

I just love it when Katie jumps - what a fun sight it is!

Have a good week, friend.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful Easter weekend.

21 years ago! Happy "birth" day to you too, Mom. He will always be your baby.

Missy is at an adorable age. Don't you wish you could bottle up some of that energy and bring it home for use when we need it?

I haven't made those apple dumplings in awhile. Thanks for reminding me. They were sooooo yummy.

Happy Easter season.

Linda said...

It sounds like a wonderful Easter/birthday weekend Linds. It is so heartwarming when family is close and loving and caring.
That little one is growing so quickly. She is precious.
Have a blessed week Linds.

Becky said...

What a perfect description of how wonderful your weekend was. Relax now, and then relax some more.

Crystal said...

I'm so glad you had a marvelous weekend, celebrating family and our Father's love for us :)) What a joyful time for all of us! And the dumplings look delicious! ((( HUGS )))

Vee said...

A wonderful weekend! Your family does so many thoughtful things for one another. Very sweet. And I see that a new chocolate lover has been added to the group. Oh, I wish you hadn't told me about those apple things from Ree. Aren't her recipes some of the best?!

Isabelle said...

What a lovely post! Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Vicky from East Texas...Ahhh. such a wonderful post. You had such a good day! I'm happy for you. Your description of your day and of your family's participation gave me a happy glow like the one that I sense that you had after your weekend! You've had some really rough days this winter. This weekend was such a blessing for you. I'm in line to see that birthday quilt, too!